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That nature was a gift to the keyboards

Updated on April 27, 2016

Upside down or right side Limestone was a gift

That the sounding boards were the Trees, was the cost of replicating lost of the cerebral columns, the spinal cords to the trunks of Chakra golden and violet. It was that they looked up at them the higher branches and then in the replication of the thoughts that fell in the book worm lives that all creation was made of them, them that sat in. It was then that they were cults to see our lasting impression on the meaning that whores sold branches, for roads that never the same soil brother was, then damned all for kindred lore. Be mad, be questioning your life origin.

Trees like the conifers, the deciduous and the womb homes of the lungs of the city, the upside down hearts of veined capillaries and then in the walking branches you see the greater meaning of the force of nature judged as innocence in the needs and lustres of spirits never seen in the weight of roots like upside mirrors.

Had I spoke my magic to another once, then dear in my heart she would be. That she left was hers. Ask her name in the fires of the no death, never one death on the Earth. Not one drop of meaning save for the lost potentials, as I had sold it to a friend, for free. My life. So they may see the fruits of religion, like the dogs in life to ma that was spirit. That they damned my Sorted life them to walk now for eternity, for they had never lived in modernity.

It was the tree waste land that laid down the wings of angels, the psychology of all learned brains, that they resemble the brain in bloom is the need of them to be heard in life. Self replicating life to be treated like cheap whores, trees. That they filter life. Look at Los Angles, wrong trees Palm trees do not filter waste out of the air. I guess the Heartland would learn to plant them, before they end as LA lost. It is the oldest book in the never ending story. That I am lived my life cycle is truth after this life,I would create without them. Since them that has not lived their beliefs in totality would need to destroy all they know and believe, first and be in voided nothingness pre.

That their pride keeps them in the places they fear is their walk. That one lost her Grace was never felt. That risen nature to walk the thrones of meaning and pass through matter in winged feather hands was in the mind's eye and it was the then that eternity whispered in fertile minds, DESTROY YOUR TEMPLES OF LIFE. Had their been any, and lift the lord of oppression to the heights of The High Priestess, She betrayed life, that she forgot her place in the birth rite her damnation, once she alone bore children. To disgrace her womb with Roles more fitting the neutered heart, betrayal. That I asked for help in life and spoke my heart for the knowledge I had was my life work, that damned in not loving myself, yet asking was signs of life and they damned my Heart by using the gift I gave. Be your life, or be a carpet to blanket nothing real, in destroyed thoughts that all of reflecting Suns. Suns with older lives than the dirt they fell on, think they trapped now.

Then they bound, sold and made paper money like whores out of their own parents, disgracing their homes and then the lumbering giants. That they see their replicating nature is their hell to walk. Once noble the Goddess, to fall to a whore like the High Priestess role, shamed creation. That they shamed whores was the shame of angels. Devils, that they were.

Tree birth, then they educating their homes and walled their homes and sinned the nature gift, creation. It was the homes of the needs for them to be in creation whole and communion, With the hands that held them, learned of them. Trees even taught of a machine, with keys, screens, and storage to save the tree replicating natures of life. To damn them in my Sorted life was a bundle of twigs burnt to sunder. Like the ashes, they know the birth home of fertilizing nature. That I make speak in Nitrogen to spark life in constant life, the fear of some men. The whole of woman, that some feared in birth and in sexing. That was the bee in my spirit and the bird that ate seeds and dropped them to seed forests in other locations, had the fowled life so much in the hexed being that I come here and damn us all to you, University of Judged lives turned dealers of loneliness.

Tarot that rooted was the faiths of Christians once too, although the leaves of the dead, never dead paid too. Life in the conscious streams of daydreaming under the lie of controlled minds. Let them live the lie nature gave to trap its young in life forever, and spirit forever lasting meaning in the memory that life to life begets the forest the home of cellular clusters and neuro-networks of see, the brains. Train is free. That souls were of the written kind once was their gift to man, that they damned and judged the written hand mine to return to the garage, and curse my whole family to the same light I was radius in. They , then my family now. They departed memories do speak in them , that fall for humanity as if Lucifer a tree too, not just the wood that nailed his equal. Suicide on a cross again brother and weight the nature of your lived lives in the pages of time, stolen by heartless popes and bishops, not that the carpet riders in seas of colors were any better.

Then shame befell a shameless guiltless bastard, the sole home of my keep. For a billion dead, that never died not to shame my own heart truth, that they were potential lost would be reborn in the trees whispers, once they fall in time to paper. As if it used to jump off the page and touch the reader and writer for eternity. Damned then are the Everlasting to their curse of mine own life. Family included, had it been everything made of the Earth and reflected, so be it. Until it learns that freedom and choices are no freedom when creators are taken and used for free was my love. Keep the filth, I live in the lives of all that were and are in heard sight of my life, that it is awaken in odd times of thought theirs to live.

Think then like above the mouth of hell, and the gates of jeopardy. Had Jasper, not a cat like the tree scar we would see another measure of a genetic meaning, that we are all one day unlocked, the truth. Save it, I would not sell equal parts, man, beast, tree, plant and blood. For they that eat of no meat are the leaves of bladed grass, like the deer in the sheep fields. Trees that were of the flesh of the land once starved their rites. I have no heir in this, no love to off the chemical waste land of lust as a chemical freed in the desires nature gifted, then sin you immoral sins of natures gift, be as then that were in the times never known. Bee as then the flowers the dance of shadows and footsteps of the carried.

Had trees so tricked the creation of the meaning, and then gave them then once the thoughts that bred life and trapped the physical laws of creation to its will, then they would know the price of belief, all creation in any worlds, trapped. Save on world. Then in laughter I echo their calls, and their pleasure as a watcher, one that I was and am in the watching lust of all senses. That I would wake and speak a language no one understands was the truth, that it be a dart, like a train be that as it May. March was like winter once a few days of hundred degree shifts. Had I not felt it I would have struggled.

That the scarf to warm the lungs was like a blanket on the belly of it, the life was to warm the hearth. Have no fear in your eternity of life, it was a spirit trap to all that believed and all were and are in belief of a thing or another, otherwise they would fall through to their nothing. Be wise not to listen to my heart, I trap you in my snare like a drum beating, four chambers the whore did dance around my valves and murmur like a kitten would in a tree to afraid to climb down. Flown to the rushing red sea for a bath in salted saline.

Never mind the spelling errors, they are not on this side.


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