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Thatch & Palapa Umbrellas: Tropical Backyard Accessories

Updated on October 5, 2010

An Introduction To Palapas

The word palapa has a number of different definitions, but the one directly linked to the beloved accessory that can give your backyard a fun, tropical feel is as follows. Palapa is a Spanish word literally translated as "pulpous leave". It refers to a dwelling with a dried palm leaf roof and open sides. This dried palm leaf structure is seen all over high-temperatures beaches all around the world, especially in Mexico and the Gulf of California.

Why Palapa Umbrellas Are Perfect For Residential Homes

Palapa umbrellas are often seen in restaurants and other commercial properties that want to achieve an "island" or tropical look. But palapa umbrellas can also be used in a number of ways in residential homes.

Great For Tropical Themes
You can use them in your backyard or on your patio to create a fun tropical theme. You can create your own "island" getaway in your backyard. They also give a cool restaurant-like feel to backyards, and are often used with built in BBQ grills or BBQ islands as an accessory. Here is a list of some other tropical accessories for your backyard:

  • Bamboo Furniture
  • Bamboo Plants
  • Hammocks
  • Tiki Gods
  • Palm Matting
  • Palm Wall Art

Perfect Shade Providers
They are also great in backyards because they provide a shady area to relax in. You can attach them to patio tables or over a seated area in your backyard. They are also popularly used often near pools.

Stylish Alternative To Traditional Umbrellas
If you are tired of your current umbrella, it may be time to toss it and get a fun, new umbrella. Palapas make a great alternative to traditional umbrellas, providing both shade and style.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Palapa & Thatch Umbrella?
These two words are commonly interchanged but there is a slight difference between the two. They are both made out of dried palm leaves but palapas are designed to be more permanent structures while thatch umbrellas are designed to be movable. To that end, palapas are much more rigid structures that do not fold up like thatch umbrellas do.

How Long Do Palapa and Thatch Umbrellas last?
It is important to remember that both of these products will not last a life time. They are created out of plant products so they will get worn out over time. Typically, they will need to have pieces of the roof replaced every 2 to 6 years--the time depends on climate and other weather conditions in your area including wind, rain, and humidity. The plus side is that the frame of the umbrella will last a lot longer. This means that you will only have to replace the roof or even just parts of the roof that are worn.

Are They Safe To Use With BBQ Islands & BBQ Grills?

As you may have guessed, palapas are absolutely safe to use with BBQ islands and BBQ grills of all kinds. They are a popular accessory to attach to BBQ islands and various types of outdoor kitchens. Some homeowners have flat screen televisions attached to their BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens. Investing in palapas is a wonderful way to cover these expensive accessories from the sun and other elements. And this way you have a full outdoor food and entertainment center setup. When used over BBQ islands and grills you can use a fire retardant on the umbrella just to be cautious.


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