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The 1 Cup Coffee Maker: Speed, Convenience & Great Taste

Updated on March 20, 2011

The 1 Cup Coffee Maker Is Fast & Easy

A 1 cup coffee maker brews a fresh and great tasting cup of coffee virtually instantly and always consistently to a perfect standard of taste and aroma. There are so many flavors of coffee to choose that you can have a different kind every day in your 1 cup coffee maker. Unlike a 12 cup coffee maker, a 1 cup coffee maker is great if you have a tiny kitchen. They take up very little of your valuable counter space.

The 1 Cup Coffee Maker Is Available Under Many Major Name Brands

A 1 cup coffee maker also saves you time as it can brew a mug to go in under a minute. No matter which flavor you prefer, the pre-measured coffee units provide a consistent taste.

Flavia Fusion Drinks Station Pod Coffee Machine
Flavia Fusion Drinks Station Pod Coffee Machine

The styles of 1 cup coffee makers are endless: Keurig makes a machine for single serve espressos that are great for people who enjoy a quick shot of caffeine. Other types include the pod style machines by Tassimo, Senseo and Flavia. Any of these machines are great for an office lunch room or a modern home kitchen.

1 Cup Coffee Maker Is Perfect For Single People

There are countless coffee makers on the market such as the pod coffee maker, and the almost science fiction-ish looking vacuum coffee maker, so no matter how esoteric your coffee tastes, you will find a style or model to fit your preferences. The single serve coffee makers have become extremely popular as people discover that they don't need to brew half a gallon of coffee to just get one delicious cup.

Toastess 1 Cup Space-Saving Coffee Maker
Toastess 1 Cup Space-Saving Coffee Maker

The single serve coffee maker is great for one small cup, but some people like to completely fill up their large mug so a 4 cup coffee maker is the perfect fit in that case. The Braun coffee maker, and the Capresso coffee maker are some of the best brands out there. Who knows, you might even love to be around coffee so much you'll open your own coffee shop and end up buying coffee wholesale by the ton!

You are not limited to having a huge 12 cup coffee maker when all you really want is a 1 or 2 cup coffee maker. You can choose from famous brands such as the Melitta 1 cup coffee maker, Black and Decker 1 cup coffee maker, Hamilton Beach 1 cup coffee maker or the Cuisinart 1 cup coffee maker. The Cuisinart SS 1 Cup O Matic single serve coffee maker is one of the most popular types and well worth checking out as it makes truly delectable coffee!

Black & Decker 1 Cup Coffee Maker DCM 15
Black & Decker 1 Cup Coffee Maker DCM 15

The 1 Cup Coffee Maker Is The Office Worker's Best Friend

 There are many advantages when using a 1 cup coffee maker. They are energy efficient, costing less to run than a regular coffee maker and best of all, they require less maintenance. Clean up is easy and fast as removable parts can be placed in the dishwasher, leaving you valuable time that can be spent enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.

They may not be great for large gatherings but popularity for 1 cup coffee makers is increasing daily due to their small size, ease of use and convenience. In less time than it takes to brew a full pot, you can have a wonderful, steaming cup of coffee however you like it and whenever you want it.

MyCafe Finnish 1 Cup Coffee Maker

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