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The 13 Window Cleaning Tips

Updated on November 5, 2014

Tips From The Pros

There is no trick to make window cleaning fun, but it is incredibly satisfying once you get the job done right. Here are some great window cleaning tips that will help you clean windows like a professional. Some of these tips are industry secrets, so I hope you appreciate me sharing them with you.

The Best Window Cleaning Solution

There are a lot of window cleaning solutions on the market, but there is one clear standout that is trusted by professional window cleaners all over Sydney, and it is also the cheapest window cleaning solution. So what is it?

Detergent + Water

This is genuinely the best cleaning solution for cleaning your windows. You do not even need a special detergent. Most Sydney window cleaners use either Earth Choice or Morning Fresh, but any cleaning detergent will do. This is one of the rare occurrences in life when the most cost efficient option is actually the best.

Don't Use Too Much Detergent

It is easy to get caught up in the “more is better” mentality, but in window cleaning that doesn't apply. In order to leave your windows shining you only need a small amount of detergent. Once your water starts to have some bubbles on the surface, you have added enough detergent. If you use too much detergent, not only are you being wasteful, but you are more likely to leave streaks on your windows.

Change Your Rubbers

The rubbers on your squeegee are where all the magic happens. If you are using squeegees with cracks, nicks or are worn, then you are not going to be able to remove all of the water from off the face of the window. Change your rubbers regularly to ensure that the edges are sharp. This is one of the simplest ways to make window cleaning easier. Even if you can not afford an expensive professional squeegee, change your rubbers regularly and it will provide you with performance far beyond it's price tag. Some of the brands of squeegees that professional window cleaners in Sydney most commonly use are Sorbo and Wagtail.

Use Microfibre Rags

For a professional finish use microfibre rags to clean the edges of the windows. Microfibre rags are great at removing the excess water from the edges of your windows without leaving any lint or sediment. A lot of professional window cleaners are tentative about sharing this secret as they know that it is the difference between amateur and professional results. Even if they are more expensive, use microfibre rags for a professional finish.

Don't Clean In Direct Sunlight

When you clean windows in direct sunlight the water dries too quickly which makes it really hard to avoid leaving streaks on your windows. Instead of cleaning windows on a sunny day, delay the job until an overcast day, or early in the morning or late at afternoon.

Focus On The Dirty Areas

This may seem obvious but it is shocking how many window cleaners waste their time focusing on cleaning the clean areas of windows. Glass near door handles is always going to be dirtier, and therefore requires more attention to get it cleaner. Focus on the dirty areas for the best results.

Quality Not Quantity

If you are going to clean all of the windows in your house, you should consider breaking the job up into a few parts. When you try and rush window cleaning, you can guarantee that you are going to leave streaks and your quality will be poor. Instead just focus on 1 or 2 rooms, and make sure that the windows are gleaming.

Work From Top To Bottom

Gravity is your friend, don't make it your enemy. By squeegeeing the window from top to bottom you are ensuring that you can clean any drips as they drip down the glass. Work with gravity to make the job easier.

Prepare Your Area

If you end up with clean windows but a broken vase you are not going to be happy. Remove any furniture and household items from your area so that you can work safely and freely. If you are cramped then it is going to be harder to get a professional finish. Make sure that you move furniture safely to prevent injury.

Don't Use Newspaper / Vinegar / Lemons

There is a lot of online advice suggesting that newspaper, vinegar and lemons are the panacea to clean windows. Trust the window cleaning professionals and don't even think about damaging your windows by using these as a window cleaning option.

Use Distilled Water

Tap water is good for cleaning windows, but distilled water is excellent. Tap water has a small amount of minerals that prevents your windows from gleaming as much as they potentially could. This is one of the best kept secrets from Sydney window cleaners. If you do not have any distilled water, consider using filtered water.

Don't Rush

If you schedule enough time for cleaning windows you will do a better job. Rushing window cleaning can lead to frustration and can cause you to clean your windows in an unsafe manner.

Safety First

Make sure that you can safely access your windows. Cleaning your windows should not put you or your property at risk. Professional window cleaners will often use ladder brackets to ensure that there is no slippage of their ladders. Make sure that any water is quickly mopped up from the floor to prevent slippage.


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