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The 15 Most Common Home Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Updated on October 7, 2016
A home renovation project.
A home renovation project.


Although it is convincing to have your house renovated, there are also a lot of things which most homeowners fail to consider and this may actually cause you more problems in the future. So if you are thinking of upgrading your house, here are the most common mistakes you should avoid:

1. Planning without considering what kind of improvement your house really needs.

This one is the number one on our list. Most people fail to weigh their own wants and the house’s needs. For an instance, they prioritize the widening of their kitchen, when the house actually needs an improvement for the ceiling.

A good tip to avoid this mistake is to ask for the help of a home renovation company. They will conduct a visual inspection around your house and will surely tell you which part of your home needs immediate attention.

2. Pursuing a renovation without emergency funds.

Before you say yes to the upgrading of your house, you should consider the amount of money you might need for the enhancement. Setting a specific amount as your budget is good, but you should never forget to save for your emergency fund as well. There are some cases that you’ll need much more than your budget. So it is important to be prepared.

Grow your money or save first.

Planted money.
Planted money.

3. No definite plan for the design.

Planning is one of the most important parts of a renovation and a lot of homeowners fail to succeed in this aspect. Asking for the contractor’s opinion is a good option, but it will eat up a big chunk of your time and there might be a possibility for misunderstanding. Wherein, if you have formulated a detailed plan, everything will be easier between you and the contractor.

4. Building your own renovation team.

This is one of the biggest no-no when having your property remodeled. Some people gather individuals and talk them into renovating the house as a team. Although it is good to be working with people you personally know, it might bring you a headache in the future because they definitely have different opinion with each other because they are not used to working as a team.

But if you hire a trusted home renovation company, you are assured of their professionalism, expertise and experience. They will include you in every step of the way and will give you some suggestions when you’re running out of ideas.

5. Choosing a so-so contractor.

It is important to make a research before hiring a contractor so you’ll know what to expect when they start working for you Do a background check, or better yet, ask your friends and relatives for recommendations and their experiences with them.

6. Buying the materials yourself.

Although this is a time-saving option, believe it or not, this is a mistake. It’s hard to distinguish the materials by yourself especially when you don’t have enough background with these kinds of things. You’ll probably end up buying the wrong things if you do this. It is best to let the contractors do the job because they know which store to get things from and which store offers them in a cheaper price. Also, they have a higher chance of getting discount than you.

7. Choosing the cheapest price.

Home renovation is one of the most expensive improvements you can do for your home so it is important that you have sufficient funds before considering one. You can’t just ask your contractors to get the cheapest materials for your home because we all know that as the price lowers, the quality of items go down as well.

8. Hoarding the stores offering materials for sale.

One of the most common materials held out for sale is the tiles. Yes, this is advantageous at some point because it is indeed cheaper, but you should be cautious at the same time. When a store conducts a sale, it means that there aren’t a lot of stocks available and some of the items have color variations. You will have a problem with it sooner or later, especially when you need more than you actually thought.

9. Staying in the same house when it is being renovated.

If you are having a home improvement, staying in the same house should never be an option. The environment will be messy and dangerous for your family as well. Why not stay at a nearby hotel for the mean time?

10. Forgetting to acquire permits.

Every construction in different areas requires permits. It is important to fix all the necessary documents beforehand to avoid any problems in the future.

Prepare all important files.

Keeping and organizing files.
Keeping and organizing files.

11. Insisting a trendy makeover.

Whether you want an expensive storage, granite countertops, fancy bathroom makeover or floor drain, you should put the safety of the members of the family living in the house as your number one priority. Make your house comfortable and safe especially when there are kids in your family.

12. Constant changing of mind.

Once the process starts, you shouldn’t make changes in your plans unless your reason is valid. If you value your time, so are your workers. Sticking to the plan will make everything go smoothly.

13. Rushing the project.

Always remember that you can’t make gold in a matter of minutes. Everything takes time, even the renovation of your house. So if you are planning to hold a family affair or party in your home, do it after the remodeling is completely done.

14. Helping through painting.

Many homeowners take this opportunity to help their workers and be able to experience it as well, but this is not advisable at all unless it is only for the small fixes. It is still better to let the professionals do the job and help with other things instead.

15. Failing to communicate.

There will be some cases that the contractors will need to communicate with you for the design approval, or simply to ask for your opinion about how you like their work. If there’s something unsatisfying about the output, you should tell them while they’re working on it and not when it’s done. It’ll save you more time and money.

Keep an open line.

Talking to a contractor.
Talking to a contractor.


One undeniable fact about the human beings is that we’ve all made our fair share of regrettable decisions, and in order to avoid making mistakes especially when having your home renovated is to plan ahead and do that carefully.

Remind yourself to consider the cost, efficiency and functionality of your desired progress for your home, and the right people who will help improve the quality and value of your house. Always remember that the comfort of your family members is more important than just having a posh home.

Improving your house can be tough. So if you're up for a home renovation in Downriver, Michigan, for example, make sure to ask help from the trust-worthy contractors and get a definite arrangement and a good background about the whole process. Soon, your dream house will definitely be up in no time.

Who knows? Your home might be one of the most beautiful houses in the neighborhood!

Find more home renovation guidelines here:

Between the two core aspects of home renovation, what is it that you consider first and foremost?

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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      2 years ago from SW England

      Interesting; you've come up with lots of common sense.

      We're in the process of doing renovations ourselves as my partner is a competent builder/electrician/plumber, you name it. We did go for a bigger loft extension than we originally wanted, when we realised it wasn't really to our advantage and just a few sky-lights were adequate. We have an architect etc as we need building regulations but have saved on lots of materials, time and planning permission (which we would have needed had we gone for the first plan.) Someone else has done our ceilings and put new windows in the front, mostly to save us time and energy!

      Good advice. There are many pitfalls to avoid and you've picked them up here.



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