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The 3 Most Innovative Cooling Solutions For Sydney Homes

Updated on April 25, 2016

Feeling Hot and Bothered?

As Sydney bathes in the glorious glow of Autumn sun, it is easy to forget how ludicrously hot the summer of 2015-16 was. As an objective measure of how serious the recent summer was, consider the following statistics recently released by the Bureau Of Meteorology:

  • The Summer of 2015-16 had the most days above 30 °C since summer 2010-11.
  • The longest spell of days above 26 °C on record.
  • The maximum and minimum temperatures were generally above average during the summer, particularly in Eastern Sydney with a record spell of 25 days of 26 °C or higher during February.

So as we enjoy the cooler months, prudent homeowners will be considering pertinent home cooling techniques for the summer that is now only 7 months away.

Here are 3 astute ways of keeping the mercury down in your dwelling, and they are not as expensive as you might imagine.

The Sun's View Of Sydney

1) Branch Out Your Cooling Strategy

We all know the cooling effect of sitting under a tree on a sunny day. The natural insulation of leafy trees ensures that they block the warm rays while still allowing the wind to blow through. For the ultimate in eco-friendly cooling, be sure to plant deciduous trees on the north and west of your property. The advantage of deciduous trees is that they provide thick shading in summer, but when the leaves fall in autumn they will not block the sun in winter.

2) Heat Extractors

If you have ever wondered how much heat is radiated from your roof on a hot summer day, try this test: get on a step ladder and touch your ceiling. That warmth is directly being transferred evenly throughout your house like ducted heated. Even if you are using your air-conditioner, it will still be fighting the radiated heat. Additionally, if there are any down-lights or ceiling fans that are not properly sealed, then heated air will flow straight into your living areas. Is there a cost-effective solution that does not require significant investment?

Roof ventilators, also known as whirlybirds, are perched on residential and commercial properties all over the Greater Sydney region? Why? They are extremely effective at extracting heated air from roof cavities, resulting in a more comfortable environment. When installing roof ventilators make sure that you install enough to adequately ventilate the ceiling cavity. There are a lot of all-steel designs that utilise steel bearings, so you will never have to deal with the iconic whirlybird squeak and whistle that emanates from cheap roof ventilators with plastic bearings.

How Roof Vents Work

3) Slip, Slop, Slap

It would be easy if we could just apply some sunscreen on our roof that miraculously reduces the heat absorbed through the roof. Well, that is exactly what heat reflective roof paints do, and they are extremely effective.

Manufacturer studies show that heat reflective roof coatings can reduce the internal temperature by up to 30%. The coating works by reflecting visible, infrared and ultraviolet energy radiated from the sun.

What cooling solution do you like?

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Now Is The Time!

So in preparation for the coming scorcher of a summer, make a wise choice and plant some deciduous trees, install some roof vents and apply some heat reflective paint on your roof.

Even though Summer may be a long way away, remember that heat waves are not uncommon in September and October. Take the time now to start these projects and you can be sure that your house will be summer ready.


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