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The 4 Cup Coffee Maker Is Made For Today's Busy Lives

Updated on March 20, 2011

The 4 Cup Coffee Maker Is Space Saving & Convenient

For someone that doesn't have a lot of space in the kitchen, or who doesn't drink much coffee, a 4 cup coffee maker would be perfect. A 4 cup coffee maker, with a smaller water reservoir and carafe, is usually about half the size of a regular coffee maker and can fit in small areas. That's what makes the 4 cup coffee maker the perfect machine for today's busy lives.

The 4 Cup Coffee Maker Is Great For Singles!

Coffee is quite possibly the most desired American beverage. A true coffee lover believes that a cup of coffee is only as good as the blend of beans and the freshness of the brew, and will not tolerate a cup that's been sitting in a pot for longer than twenty minutes. 

Mr. Coffee DR4 White 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker
Mr. Coffee DR4 White 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

There's nothing enjoyable about a cup of coffee that tastes flat or stale. Once coffee is brewed, the oils of the coffee bean, which are essential to great flavor, quickly dissipate.

The 4 cup coffee maker was practically made for single people. You can enjoy a cup of coffee at the peak of its freshness without having to dump half a large pot down the sink. Keep in mind though, if you often have guests or entertain, you may want to keep a cheap, regular sized coffee maker on hand. You don't want to be making a fresh 4 cup pot every ten minutes!

Kalorik Tea/Coffee Maker
Kalorik Tea/Coffee Maker

Famous Brands Of 4 Cup Coffee Maker

You don't have to buy a hundred pounds of coffee wholesale to enjoy great coffee! You can have a 4 cup coffee maker and make only what you need when you need it! When purchasing a coffee maker you can select from any of the many famous brands such as the Capresso coffee makermaker and the Braun coffee maker and a variety of designs such as the newly popular pod coffee maker and the two centuries old vacuum coffee maker! single serve coffee makers are very popular as these types of 1 cup coffee maker have allowed millions of people to enjoy a single fresh brewed cup at a time, without making enough for an entire family: That is the key to the popularity of the single serve coffee maker.

When selecting a 4-cup coffee maker you can choose from great name brands such as the Melitta 4 cup coffee maker, Kitchenaid 4 cup coffee maker, Bunn 4 cup coffee maker, or the DeLonghi 4 cup coffee maker. You can also get a matching 4 cup coffee maker grinder to ensure your coffee grind is always super fresh! Another factor to consider when buying a 4 cup coffee maker thermal model is the availability of the consumables, such as the 4 cup coffee maker cone, 4 cup coffee maker filters, and even 4 cup coffee maker carafe which is made of glass and is subject to breakage. When you open up your new coffee maker pay close attention to the 4 cup coffee maker instructions as they will guide you to making a perfect pot of coffee!

How about a Kitchen In A Single Unit: the SPT 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker Oven Fry Pan 4 Cup Coffee Maker?
How about a Kitchen In A Single Unit: the SPT 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker Oven Fry Pan 4 Cup Coffee Maker?

4 Cup Coffee Maker Makes One SuperSized Mug!

 Many coffee drinkers enjoy their coffee out of a mug as opposed to the smaller teacup. So even though it is called 4 cup coffee maker, the yield of the pot measures about two coffee mugs, or just one of those extra large mugs!

A 4 cup coffee maker is handy for people who enjoy drinking coffee at any time of the day. You can place this coffee maker just about anywhere, like on your desk or even on your nightstand, allowing the enjoyment of a fresh cup while reading, watching TV or working.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Deluxe 4 Cup Coffee Maker Demo

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