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The 5 Best Vegetables To Grow In Your Garden

Updated on April 9, 2016


Tomatoes are a great vegetable to grow in your own vegetable garden. I have always had excellent harvests growing tomatoes in my vegetable garden. I usually plant tomatoes in early to mid spring here in New Zealand but I suppose it depends on the climate where you live. When you purchase your seeds or seedlings it should say on the seed packet when is the best time to plant them in your area. If not just ask some one at your local garden center I am sure they will be more than happy to help. Tomatoes are great and have many uses you could use them in your sandwiches, roast them, make tomato sauce, Freeze them and use them throughout the year I also find that they are great to make soup with. Also you may need to use stakes when you are growing your tomato plants to make sure they stay upright. If I plant my Tomato plants usually in mid spring and I would say that they are usually ready late February through to April so early to mid autumn. When the tomatoes have turned completely red they are ready to pick.


Beetroot is another great vegetable to grow in your garden. They grow really well here in my garden maybe the climate here is perfect for them or something I always get huge beets especially in the spring time. Apparently they can grow year round however to this point I have only ever grown them in the spring and summer time however I just planted some beetroot yesterday and it is mid autumn here so we will see how it goes. Usually they will be ready within 8-12 weeks they usually start to grow up out of the ground and I usually pick mine when they are the size of a large potato or bigger. Beetroot have many uses I use to always like to roast them in a little olive oil however I think it is also a great idea to make a pickle as they are great on sandwiches.

Silver beet/Swiss Chard

Silver beet which is also known as Swiss Chard in some parts of the world.It is a must for any home vegetable garden. The first reason is because it is so easy to grow and the harvests are great plus they usually keep growing for around a year and producing fresh produce. I have planted silver beet in every season of the year and I have never had any problems they have always survived that being said if you are living somewhere where the weather gets extremely cold during the winter maybe it will be better to wait until spring arrives. Like I said before silver beet plants usually last around 1 year before they go off to seed. This means if you plant one row(around 8 plants) of silver beet in your garden you should have a steady supply through out the year. Just go out and pick a couple of leaves when you need them. You could use the silver beet in many meals recently I have been adding them to my soups. Also another great way to use them is to make a spinach pie using the leaves If you look through my other hubs you will be able to find my spinach pie recipe using silver beet leaves.


This is another great vegetable to grow and very easy also. I have never actually planted one pumpkin plant in my life they have always just grown from seeds that have ended up in the compost bin. The only draw back to pumpkin plants is that they do take up a fair bit of room I would recommend having a separate garden to grow your pumpkins because they can take over your vegetable garden fairly quickly. Pumpkins can be used for many meals they are delicious roasted also I think they are great in soups.

Green Beans

Green Beans are another great vegetable that you should grow in your garden. The best time here in New Zealand the best time to plant you bean seeds is in late spring. If you are in Northland you may be able to plant them in early spring. Green beans have always been one of my best producing crops and they don't take long to grow usually you should be getting fresh beans from your bean plants within 6-8 weeks if you consistently water them and have some good compost which you should have compost with all of your vegetable plants. Green beans are excellent in many dishes especially Asian style cooking and of course they are very healthy for you.

So to sum it up these are the vegetables that I have found to produce the best crops over the last few years of growing my own vegetables as a hobby. I think every house hold should have their own vegetable garden. Remember in the summer time watering your garden everyday will make a great difference to your harvest and also I like to add compost to my garden we have our own compost heap that we put our food scraps and lawn clippings in and this seems to make a big difference also as this past summer was the only year we didn't have compost and it was the worst season to date. So I hope that this article will be helpful for some one and thanks for reading it.


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