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The Advantages of Bedside Table

Updated on April 18, 2013

There are many furniture and fixtures that are needed to make the bedroom a comfortable place to sleep in. Actually, the bedroom is more than just a place for sleeping. It has become the comfort zone of many people. With the many activities done in the bedroom and in the bed in particular, it is important to not only have a comfortable bed but to have a bedside table as well. Whether small or large, this table has many uses.

Some people like watching TV in their bedrooms especially those who live on their own and not with their families. And when they watch TV, they might like to have something to eat or drink. It is so much better to place food and beverages in a table than in the bed as food and beverages may spill in the bed. It would be unhealthy and gross to sleep in dirty sheets.

Many students and employees prefer doing their assignments, projects and work in their beds so that they can proceed to sleeping when they get tired. Once the students and employees decide that they’re done with work for the night, they can place books, laptop and other stuff in the bedside table. It would be time consuming and energy-draining to get up from the bed and go somewhere else to lay down stuff.

Many students and employees need alarm clocks to wake them up. The best and safest place to set an alarm clock is a table near the bed. Souvenirs and mementos can be placed in the table as well. What use would these items be if they are not placed where they can be seen and appreciated? Framed photographs can also be placed in the bedside table to make it more personalized.

Families with small kids spend a lot of time in beds playing board games or reading bedtime stories. A lot of people read magazines and books in bed before they go to sleep. A small lamp can be placed in the bedside table which provides the needed light for reading. Board games and storybooks can be placed in the table after use.

Lamps, books, photographed frames are not the only items that can be placed in a bedside table. This table will be more functional if it has drawer/s where users can put items that they need easy access to such as wallet, keys, jewelry, memorabilia, documents, etc. If the items that they intend to put in the table are valuable, they might want to get a table with drawer/s that can be locked.

If you have a friend who is about to marry and you’d like to give a gift, a bedside table is a good gift choice as your friend will most likely find it useful. Your friend will surely appreciate your choice of gift.

If you are getting a bedside table, you might as well get one which is of high quality so that it will not wear easily and you can use it for a long time. It will not be difficult looking for a good table as this furniture item is hot in the market and there are many retailers. You can choose to buy directly from furniture makers or from offline furniture stores or via online market.

It will not be hard for you to sell your bedside table as well in case you need to move and it’s impractical to bring with you the table or you want to get a different one due to a change in bedroom theme as this piece of furniture is a needed household commodity.

Aside from being practical furniture item where lamps and other things can be placed, the bedside table can also serve as a decorative piece that adds beauty into the room. The best furniture items are those that have functional and decorative value and the bedside table definitely qualifies.


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