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The Advantages of Living In Florida

Updated on May 11, 2015

Map Of Florida

Why Florida

With moving back to Florida from the Mid West and meeting my love who was born in south Florida I never want to live any place else. Florida offers so much for everyone from low cost of living, sunny weather with no snow, great activities for all ages, extremely low tax base and so much more which we will cover later in this article.

Most of my family lives here in Florida, a couple of our daughters had to move out of the state because of their employment. If it was up to them they would move back to Florida in a heart beat, but careers come first. I have no regrets for moving back to Florida the only regret that I have is that I left Florida the first time. If I knew then what I know now I would have never moved back to the Mid West. But you can't relive the past, so we move on.

Florida Surf Fishing

Tax advantages for living in Florida

One of the great benefits of living in Florida is that the state does not have an individual income tax. This tax advantage has saved me thousands of dollars over the years since I moved here from Chicago. Florida gets a lot of tax money from the tourist that visit here Florida is one of seven states that has this great tax advantage for the people that live here. Florida constitution also protects the people by prohibiting the counties from levying any personal income tax on the people in Florida. This is a great benefit for everyone from rich to poor and from young to old.

The other great tax advantage is low property taxes. Florida offers its residents a $50,000 homestead exemption. What this means is that the top $50,000 dollars comes off the assessed value of your home which can save you a lot of money in property taxes

Just these two tax advantages is a huge drawing card for moving to Florida.

Florida Surf

The Nature Coast of Florida

The state of Florida offers some of the best fishing and hunting throughout the whole state. I live in what is called the nature coast area of the Florida, which is on the west coast of Florida north of Tampa. This area we are fortunate to have several national forest around the area that offers some great hunting. We have deer, turkey, and wild boar hunting just to mention some of the things around here worth hunting for.

Fishing here in the nature coast is unbelievable. Within minutes we have both fresh water fishing and some of the best salt water fishing I have ever seen. The fresh water lakes offer up some amazing chances to catch record size largemouth bass, stump knocker’s, sheep heads, alligator gar fish, striped bass, and etc. For the saltwater enthusiast all around the state of Florida is fantastic, but here in this area we have some awesome redfish, sea trout, cobia, grunts, and some of the largest grouper I have ever seen.

The one advantage we have in the nature coast is being able to go scalloping in the shallows off the coast. The bay scallops are fun to harvest and awesome to eat. Over the past years people flock to this area to fill their boats with bay scallops. One has to hit the water early to beat the thousands of people that head out on the waters at day break. Even though there are thousands of people on the water snorkeling for the scallops, it is still a lot of fun to go diving and bringing home to cook up these wonderful tasting fresh scallops.

Giant Red Fish


Florida Golfing

Golfing in Florida

One of the biggest draws for people to come and move to Florida is the golfing. Florida offers some of the best golfing in the country. Also the weather here offers the golfing enthusiast an opportunity to golf year around. Many of the communities that people live in have golf courses on the communities’ property. One such community I lived in had an 18 hole par 3 golf course right through the middle of the development. The nice advantage to this was that most of the residences in the community owned their own golf cart plus by living in a development like this you usually pay a yearly fee and you can play golf as much as you want.

Golfing in Florida is a huge business, there are literally thousands of golf courses throughout the state. Around all the large cities in Florida there are hundreds of resorts that have golf courses right on the property. If you are visiting Orlando in will want to try the championship golf courses at Disney World. These courses have gained incredible notoriety by many championship players. One thing about Disney is the beauty and character of their theme parks, well they do the same with their golf course also. Disney goes all out with impeccable service fantastic amenities for all their guest.

Beautiful Golf Course

Staying active living in sunny Florida

The weather in Florida is one of the big drawing cards to this State. Many folk gave the nickname the “Sunshine State” to Florida, then the state adopted the nickname some years ago. Yes Florida does doe’s get hurricanes, but because Florida’s weather changes almost every hour the meteorologist does stay on top of the weather for the state, so with these great meteorologist we know plenty ahead of time sometimes up to two weeks’ notice when a tropical storm is going to hit. Not like the tornadoes in the mid-west, where you get a few minutes of warning if any when these killer storms hit.

With the great weather Florida offers one can spend as much time as you want enjoying the any of the 600 miles of beaches that the state gives you. With over 1,000 miles of coastline and more than 7000 lakes and excellent weather to play outdoors, one can have a very active lifestyle.

Florida Golfing

Have you ever golfed in Florida

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Huge Red Fish

Multi-cultural Florida

With Florid being so long and narrow, roughly 500 miles long and somewhere around 160 miles wide, Florida offers a very diverse culture. In the southern part of the state the majority of the people are Latino, from Orlando north the people are very much country folk except in the larger metropolitan areas. In the larger cities like Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami the culture is very metropolitan, and when you get away from the sprawling cities you will find that the areas are laid back and the people are very much country. In the small rural town we live in the majority of the people are laid back and good ole country folk at heart. The diversity of the people in this particular county are less than three percent are non-white. The crime in areas like this is very low, many people don’t even lock their doors while they are not home. Much different than the area I lived in up north. In my old neighborhood I could hear gun fire in the distance and a few moments later you would hear the sounds of sirens heading in the direction of the gun fire. This was a daily occurrence, here if you hear gun shots it most likely from a hunter or someone getting their scope on their hunting rifle adjusted. If you have dreamed about living in a small town with great morals but be close enough to have all the amenities a big metropolitan city has to offer, Florida offers this and much more.

If you are thinking of moving to Florida, just make sure that you do your homework and find out all you can about the community you are looking at moving into. It is reported that over a thousand people a day move into the ‘State of Florida. It is also said that back in 2013 the population of Florida was hirer than that of New York State. But to say again, if you are planning on moving to Florida please make sure you do your homework and ask a lot of questions to your realtor about the area you are thinking of moving into.

Tell us of your experiences of Florida

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