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The Aero Garden and Healthy Food

Updated on May 24, 2013

Growing Your Own

Growing my own food indoors is a plan that I have explored with varying degrees of success over the years.

I have had some luck with cherry tomatoes, a heritage brand, Camp Joy, to be specific, produced quite well in my living room for some months.

The best successes I have experienced are growing herbs. They add flavour to all we eat and are rather simply grown on a windowsill, preferably in the kitchen but wherever they can get the six hours of sunlight that they need.

In my new home none of the windows provide sufficient light to grow herbs so I began to look for way to do so.

The AreoGarden is a compact unit that would readily fit on my kitchen countertop and provide all the herbs I need.

Many of the web sites connected with AeroGarden are selling the product so they are hardly an unbiased source.

From what I had read in various visits I was fairly convinced that growing herbs would be no problem and as the company produces two and three tier models you may even be able to get enough salad greens and some cherry tomatoes to go with them. This does depend upon how many people you are trying to feed.

The AeroGarden will not make you food independent but could complement your food supply with the added bonus that I would be food that you have grown yourself.

When I found the video that accompanies this hub and is produced by a trusted source City Gardener, I am confident that growing herbs is a sound endeavor and I’d be game to try some salad greens to increase the year round fresh food supply.

It would be a portion of what food we need and there are two of us but I’d be growing them indoors on my kitchen counter during the winter and all year round.

This is a good enough reason for me to purchase one but if you have a window that gives you a minimum of six hours of sunlight year round then you could save yourself some money and grow the herbs yourself.

If you are growing salad greens then you may find the AeroGarden will keep you in fresh cuttings for yoru salad all through the year. In fact, if you use two then you could grow cherry tomatoes and greens, this may not be cost effective when you can buy both at the local supermarket year round but if freshness is important to you then the expense may be well worth it.

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  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 9 years ago from New Brunswick

    I agree about the smell of tomatoes, thanks fo dropping by.

  • faceman profile image

    faceman 9 years ago

    Hello Bob, I love to garden but I usualy wait until the spring and grow a very large garden out back, out of all the vegitables, my favorite as well as my favorite place in my garden is in the tomato patch, to me theres nothing like the smell of fresh growing tomatos, I grow tha full sized ones, don't know what there called sure are good to eat though.

  • Katherine Baldwin profile image

    Katherine Baldwin 9 years ago from South Carolina

    Hi Bob, good Hub and good subject. We have three and are considering a fourth one. It is great for salad greens, herbs and tomatoes. We haven't tried the peppers yet, but I'm sure they're good. They now have a Mega Cherry Tomato, which is larger than the regular cherry tomato and I am going to try that one out. There are several good forums for the AeroGarden, just Google Aerogarden + forum. Lots of good tips and comments from actual users. There are a lot of uses for the Aerogarden - you can use it to start your own seeds for your outdoor garden and you can use your own seeds with their Master gardening kit to grow local herbs, vegetables or flowers, so you don't have to use just the Aerogarden seed kits. They may seem a little expensive, but growing your own food year round will help it pay for itself in just a few months if you consume a salad a few times a week. After the initial investment, all you need are new seed kits or the Master gardening kit and to occasionally replace the light bulbs.