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The Age of 3d Walls and Panels

Updated on March 17, 2015

From Dry Walls to Impact Walls

If you look around you can easily appreciate that the largest available surface area in any room is the walls. Look closer. Your walls are forming the background of all your beloved furniture, drapes and decoration items. Just like the wrong frame can ruin the overall effect of a great photo and the wrong background can ruin the most amazing piece of art, the wrong walls will off-set the entire harmony and beauty of your décor. Walls don’t have to be blank structures that are naturally just there and must be lived with. Why not transform them into a piece of art that can complement the aura of your interior?

Wall Panels can create great lighting effects if proper lighting is used.
Wall Panels can create great lighting effects if proper lighting is used. | Source

Why Wall Panels?

Now, rather than messing around with paints and complicated texturing techniques, many people prefer to go for wall panels. They are cheaper, more durable and more eco-friendly as compared to paints or wallpaper. Wall panels also have another great advantage over paint: They don’t contain all those harmful chemicals and metals that can dust off, make their way into your bloodstream and make you and your clients (if you are a commercial store owner) seriously sick. They are mostly made up of vinyl, polyester, natural fibers, and sometimes even metal (in a harmless form). Unlike wallpaper, wall panels won’t bubble, peel or bleed. There are some really good wall panels on the market now and you can choose from a wide variety of colors and qualities. Panels are mostly waterproof, and stainless ones for the kids’ room, as well as fire resistant ones for the kitchen, are now available on the market. I've thusfar seen many types from metal, to rock to MDF or IDF (which is a less harmful MDF material).


The Need for Interior Elevation

Restaurants, hotels and retail spaces are going the extra mile to create more impactful interiors. As stated in Restaurant News (full article), in order to reinforce their brand, restaurants are putting a huge focus on their interior appeal. This is highly due to the customers' ever growing expectations of a "wow factor" interior when they are visiting a new restaurant. According to Piscattio, people want a total package service. This includes good food, good service and an environment that they can feel good in. With this thought, we can see A&W spend 23 million on a renovation project that increased their overall sales by 5% as well as other restaurants who are finishing up a renovation process such as Taco Cabana. I believe this concept works well for retail and hotel interiors as well. If you're running a hotel, you must rely on a strong impact the moment the customer walks through the door. That impact can be a focal point, a full wall panel, a decorative screen or any other interior piece that could very well be the deciding factor in a sale or promotion of your hotel. In the retail industry, your going to want to keep your customers inside your space a bit longer in order for them to notice more and buy more. To do this, you need to make sure your interior is welcoming enough that they are comfortable to stick around and see what else is there.

Hotel use of wall panels to elevate luxury rooming.
Hotel use of wall panels to elevate luxury rooming. | Source

Commercial Wall Panels

Now commercial wall-panels are nothing like your ordinary home wall panel varieties. Commercial wall-panels need to be able to survive tougher conditions. They should be able to withstand regular spills, scratches, dust, and fading. They also come in extra wide varieties for lobbies and halls. Commercial wall panels have to fit within Class A fire rating standards and must be easily removable so that you can keep up with the latest changes in interior decoration trends. Ideally commercial wall panels should be in tune with the whole idea of your business: A concrete wall-panel for an industrial look, a vintage damask for a classy hotel room setting, or a metallic gear pattern for an auto repair facility. These are obviously just ideas but im sure you get the point. Wall-panels can also be purchased in white color in bulk and painted upon later, depending on the color you want each room to be. Whatever look you want to achieve through paneling, be sure to get a specialized commercial grade wall-panels, so that you don’t end up with something that causes more trouble than comfort.

Impact Specialties has some really great variety of commercial wall panels that you’ll absolutely adore. They offer a nice variety of economical but high-quality 3D carved wall panels that will make any boring old wall pop. These panels are available in metals, IDF or stone and are made for restaurants, hotels and retail spaces. There are links below if you are looking for retail panels as well.


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