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The Apple Capper

Updated on August 24, 2012
mmmm...Fresh apple pie!!!
mmmm...Fresh apple pie!!! | Source

How High does one climb to reach a ruby red gem?

I woke up smiling a little brighter today. It seems many gifts are being sent my way to guide me through self discovery in my journey right now.

My good friend Linda and I decided to charge into an adventure of apple picking yesterday. We have been talking about this escapade for the last week, and every time we walked our dogs past the apple tree along our route it seemed the apples were calling out to us…pie, apple butter, delicious! It became a do it moment in time, or lose it adventure!

The agenda for the late afternoon was to first get our neighbors permission to pick the apples. Hand up! This was my job since Bella and I are so social we had no problem ringing the doorbell and speaking our desire. We then went to Linda’s house to secure the ladder (a very tall one I may add) and then get back to the apple tree before twilight turned into night’s darkness.

I got up on the ladder first to pick some apples here and there. Timid about stepping up to the last two rungs for the needed height to get to those ruby red gems hanging way up high Linda volunteered to switch jobs with me for this caper. I now became the ladder holder and she the climber/picker.

Ladder placement is important, and so is holding the structure to keep the picker from toppling. It is all about trust. I watched Linda climb higher and higher reaching the top rung balancing herself like a gazelle on a mountain side. “It is all about balance”, she exclaimed! “I climbed up a ladder to the roof of my house to give my dad some grapes when I was just eighteen months old” and “I love heights she chimed as she explained to me how amazing the view was from her vantage point up in the tree.

Our bags got filled, and we got filled as we giggled and laughed in between our chatting and glancing around. An endorphin rush for sure as we made our way back to her car with our haul stashed safely inside.

I learned a lot about myself last night. I challenge myself yesterday climbing that ladder fore I have a fear of heights and I am a natural klutz. I also learned that team work in any of life’s adventure is so important. It takes energy and desire to make it work, but most importantly honesty to the capabilities of oneself so you don’t put the other team members’ being at risk of pain or disappointment. After all who wants an adventure in life to turn sour, the goal is to have fun with time full of laughter and awe.

It became apparent that Linda is a natural athlete and I am a great cook. That she will ponder taking risks that I had never considered before. It dawned on me how my spirit grows from hanging around her, and hopefully in return hers does too from my presence in her life.

Enriching means gifting and that seems to be an important lesson in life. I discovered tonight how our youth’s energy was actively alive within our spirits as I watched Linda skip down the street earlier and how my desire to go swinging in the park took hold once again. Who knows maybe we will even find another tree adventure to tackle within the neighborhood giving our personal energy another boost of growth through the eyes of our young and active hearts.

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    • picadilly profile image

      Priscill Anne Alvik 5 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      Thank you Zsuzsy is a winning combination for sure!! and the apple pies whipped up afterwards a delish bonus!!! Thank you for taking the time to visit for a short chat....smiling, me xo!

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 5 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Great hub, I sooooo love to pick apples. Apples and friendship... what else could we ask for.

      regards Zsuzsy

    • picadilly profile image

      Priscill Anne Alvik 5 years ago from Schaumburg, IL

      Thank you always exploring for the compliment. I am not much into politics, but ahhh the human spirit how it captures my heart!! Have a wonderful day! xo

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Aha, Friendship and the spirit of youth. Wonderful read. Thank you..