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The Beauty of a Natural Wood Veneer Kitchen

Updated on April 7, 2016

Spectacular effects can be achieved with real wood veneers and there’s nothing more spectacular than a veneered kitchen.

Browse any interiors magazine and you’ll see the bespoke kitchens of featured choice these days are designed around the intelligent use of decorative wood veneers.

Thanks to the versatility of wood veneers and the extensive range of timber species available, there are endless possibilities when it comes to bespoke kitchen design, whether the desired look is contemporary or classic.

The flexibility of real wood veneers

The wonderful advantage of a natural wood veneer is that there is so much flexibility. Designers can choose horizontal or vertical grain depending on the look they wish to achieve and how it suits the space, and a combination of both will produce an incredibly striking effect, as will a carefully chosen mixture of different timbers or timber cuts.

The stripes and marbling of some of the exotic timber species, such as Zebrano or Macassar ebony, can be used to great effect with certain methods of cutting and finishing applied. And then you have the natural burls and knots that appear in the likes of walnut and acacia. Why not mix and match contrasting finishes for the ultimate in eye-catching appeal?

Wood veneers versus solid wood

Those who worry about using wood veneers as opposed to solid wood in an environment that is exposed to heat and moisture can have their concerns alleviated. A wood veneer finish is in fact more stable than solid wood, which has the tendency to expand in the heat and contract when things cool down. What’s more, the stunning cross-grain finish produced by a natural wood veneer just wouldn’t be possible with solid wood.

How to use decorative wood veneers in the kitchen

Real wood veneers can be used for a variety of applications in a kitchen, including cabinet and drawer fronts, worktops and splashbacks, kitchen island panels, appliance casing, wall panelling & fascia and matching doors and frames.

Providing your kitchen designers engage the services of a renowned wood veneer company that goes to great lengths during the matching process to ensure a consistent flow of grain from panel to panel; one that knows how to get the very best out of a particular timber species both in cut and finish, you will benefit from an exceptional ultimate result that visitors to your home will never fail to admire.

Maple veneered kitchen with burr oak drawer and cabinet fronts
Maple veneered kitchen with burr oak drawer and cabinet fronts
Satin walnut veneered kitchen
Satin walnut veneered kitchen
Satin walnut veneered kitchen
Satin walnut veneered kitchen


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