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The Benefits Of Using An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

Updated on December 19, 2013

Facilities management is a complex business – and one which can be made a whole lot simpler by having efficient software systems in place. Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) can offer a holistic approach to business development, not by focusing on single problems as with ‘point’ software, but by improving your business outlook as a whole.

If you are like the majority of business owners, you will find you seem to be spending more and more time working ‘in’ your business, instead of working ‘on’ your business. And this isn’t an ideal scenario because in order to move forward – to attract more customers or clients on a regular basis – you will need to spend more time actively developing and marketing your business. That is, working ‘on’ your business as well as ‘in’ it.

So let me ask you this: what did you do in your business yesterday? You were busy weren’t you? Attending to emails, answering the phone, dealing with contractors . . . perhaps you had to attend several appointments or meetings . . . stop by the bank . . . finish writing a report . . .

This is the kind of sequence of time-consuming events that occur every day of the week for some business owners. This is why their businesses cannot move forward. And this is the primary reason they fail to achieve their goals. In fact, these business owners spend most of the time treading water. It’s like Groundhog Day.

It has been said (many times over) that for any business to grow and flourish, business owners (and their respective colleagues and teams) need to spend between 60-90 minutes on marketing their company every single day of the business week. That’s a minimum of five hours a week.

Now for those of you already shouting at the computer screen that what I’ve suggested is impossible because of your current commitments, let me assure you that it isn’t. But for this strategy to work effectively, you will need to become super-organised across every facet of your business.

To this end, IWMS software could enable you to free up more time than you ever thought possible. Its powerful up-to-the-minute technology and intuitive interface allows you to automate repetitive tasks, streamline complicated processes and develop valuable accounting systems which facilitate trends analysis, so you can make informed decisions which will keep your company ahead of the game.

As an example, do you know how long precisely your contractors spend on site? Do they round up their time to the nearest hour or half hour? How much money could you save over the course of a year with a more precise accounting system? One that works in your favour?

And what about your staff? Are they able to cope with their workloads and the daily demands required of them, or do they struggle to meet deadlines? And do you have above average staff retention rates, or do you have a high turnover of quality people? A business is only as good as its least effective staff member, so training and retaining talent should be a priority for all ambitious business owners.

One of the main reasons people leave a job is because of poor moral – which is normally a result of feeling overworked and undervalued. By harnessing the latest technology to enable your staff to work smarter rather than harder, you could improve this situation dramatically, with the result that your staff will feel more appreciated and less stressed in the workplace.

No-one wants to be stuck with boring, time-sapping tasks that a machine can do for you. That’s like adding up a stream of figures in your head, when you could simply use a calculator. In allocating your team more inspiring and empowering tasks than the mundane stuff, you will foster a culture of creativity and loyalty which will enable teams to strive to meet common goals.

And of course, living as we do in these eco-conscious times, we can’t fail to mention another huge benefit of IWMS – and that is the impact a more efficient space-utilisation strategy will have on your company’s CO2 emissions. Even reducing your overall square footage by 15% will make a difference to your carbon footprint.

There are many significant reasons for upgrading your current management systems, including a low barrier to entry in terms of outlay, that really, there is no valid reason not to.

Just think, with the right management tools in place you will be able to move your business forward in strides, rather than simply standing still. Find out how you and your management team could be more proactive and successful by getting more done in less time – starting today.

So if you are ready to take your business to a new level, why not make that call now?


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