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The Benefits of Baby Wipes

Updated on December 1, 2014

Gentle on Hands, Tough on Grease

Cleaning surfaces that have accumulated a sticky greasy surface over months is not fun. It's even boring. Rubbing off smudges by light switches and door knobs might be a good work out. But taking a spin class is enjoyable.

What has helped me to address the humdrum of housecleaning began out of desperation. The grease and dust build up looming within my apartment was beginning to cry out for help. When hunting under my kitchen sink for cleaning products I came up empty handed. Sure there was some Ajax and Tide, but what I needed was something like Windex or Fantastik.

Light Bulb Moment

I couldn't do a quick shopping jaunt because my little 3 month old baby girl was getting her beauty sleep. And just when I was thinking of my beautiful newborn, the light bulb went off in my head to use Baby Wipes.

I marveled at the ease of cleaning. The gentle cleaning liquid ensconced within each wipe did the trick. My arm didn't stress as much when wiping back and forth. I marveled at how easy it was to remove accumulated filth and grease. It almost made cleaning fun.

Poof: Soot Disappears

I felt like a magician. Accumulated soot between bathroom tiles was easily removed. The wooded painted kitchen cabinets looked like they did when we first moved it. I gazed in awe at how the wall moldings at the base of the floor looked like they were freshly painted. (I know. It doesn't take much).

Lysol & Clorox

When Lysol and Clorox came out with their own set of cleaning wipes years later, the thought did cross my mind to buy some. However I didn't. The beauty of using baby wipes is they not only do the job, they were easier on the skin. Baby Wipes are also cheaper. True, I could use rubber gloves, but for whatever reason there's usually a rip somewhere which defeats the whole purpose of using them in the first place.

Sweet Perfume of Cleaning

So next time you're compelled to remove those smudges amassed over time, consider the sweet aroma of baby wipes as an effective cleaning product.


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