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The Benefits of Brass Fixtures and Fittings

Updated on February 18, 2016

In a recent article we talked about the merits of adorning your front door with appealing features like letter plates and door knockers. Not surprisingly, many of these fittings are crafted in brass, and it is no wonder. Brass creates a subtly warmer atmosphere, and is considered ‘classy’ in many respects.

But a feeling of warmth and elegance is not the only benefit to be derived from brass fixtures and fittings. There are a number of other reasons that make brass a great choice, and some of them might surprise you.

Brass is Healthier

It really is! As an alloy of copper and zinc, brass can actually kill bacteria and destroy its associated DNA which can resist antibiotics. Scientists are recommending that brass fittings could help to fight off superbugs in hospitals and other public places. They could certainly be useful at home to help stop the spread of cold and other viruses between family members. So change your bath and basin taps and fittings to brass, as well as door handles and light switches, for more of a germ free home!

Change your taps to brass for more of a germ free home.
Change your taps to brass for more of a germ free home.

Brass Lasts and Lasts

The use of naturally formed brass can be traced back to several centuries BC in some parts of the world. However, it was the Romans who first developed the manufacture of a type of brass for the Western world. They recognised its durability and made their coins from it, as well as some of their weapons and other military equipment.

In the mid-16th century brass began to be produced in England at the Tintern Wireworks, and with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, using brass as a material really came into its own. Mill owners and other entrepreneurs realised that brass is a really long lasting material and therefore well worth using.

If you choose to enhance your home with solid brass fixtures and fittings, they will stand the test of time, looking fabulous and lasting longer than any other material you could select. Brass makes an excellent long-term investment and could even add value to your property, or at very least boost its saleability.

Brass is Malleable

Manufacturers and plumbers like to work with brass as they can bend and shape it more easily than other materials, with the right level of skill and the right tools of course. It is a softer, more malleable material than some others.

This makes, for example, fitting out your bathroom a faster, simpler job. You‘ll have no problem finding brass showers, taps and piping, and there are any number of designs in brass for door furniture and light fittings.

A brass doorknocker, bell and letterbox gives your property added kerb appeal and makes a great impression on your visitors. Brass is also easy to find and readily available, so you won’t have any delay in acquiring what you need.

A brass doorknocker gives your property added kerb appeal and makes a great impression on your visitors.
A brass doorknocker gives your property added kerb appeal and makes a great impression on your visitors.

Brass Finishes are Varied

For anyone who feels that the warm and subtle golden hue of brass still don’t fit in with the décor of their home, fixtures and fittings can retain many of the benefits of solid brass, but with different finishes. They can be lacquered and polished to make them shinier and brighter. They can have a chrome finish, or be set off with bronze or nickel.

Whatever style you’d like for your bathroom trimmings, or little touches in the other rooms of your home, or even if you prefer the silvery look of chrome, you can still achieve and enjoy the long lasting benefits of brass fixtures and fittings.


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