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Some Advantages of Divan Beds

Updated on August 13, 2013

Space Issues

These days many of us find we have issues with space in our homes. As the population grows, space becomes more premium, especially in big cities. Houses and apartments are built with more rooms but space for storage is minimal, as room size becomes smaller. Because we travel more than we did a few decades ago and also have many more shopping opportunities thanks to the Internet, we also tend to accrue more possessions. One way of increasing your storage space in the home is to purchase divan beds. A regular bed takes up a lot of the bedroom but does not give you any opportunity for storage, whereas a divan bed often has storage space in the form of drawers that are built into the base. These are ideal for storing bedding, underwear, towels and even boxes containing small items such as documents and jewellery that we prefer to hide away.

Football Crazy

Divan bed for boys
Divan bed for boys | Source

Divan Beds for Children

A divan bed is a good choice for a child's room, as they tend to be much smaller than the main bedroom of the house. You can store many of your child's possessions in the deep drawers, like his sporting equipment, toys, and items such as video games. He will have easy access to everything, and you will be able to clean up extremely quickly as you will just need to replace everything back into the drawer, which is on floor level.

You will also find a large choice of divan beds that are designed to appeal to kids; as they are stamped with pictures, logos, and other bright designs.

Smart and Compact with Storage

Further Benefits of Divan Beds

As well as being great for additional storage, divan beds are extremely comfortable. Since the base provides very firm support for your mattress, you will not find that the mattress sinks towards the edges, but rather is very level and firm: This is particularly good for those who suffer from a bad back.

Divan beds are very strong and therefore durable; a divan bed can last for several decades or even longer without needing to be replaced. Therefore from an economic point of view, purchasing a divan is one of the best choices you can make in bedroom furniture.

Divan beds are easy to come across: You will find them in just about any store that sells bedroom furniture. You can also purchase online which is usually considerably cheaper than purchasing in a brick and mortar shop. Many online bed companies also offer free delivery.

Bed-Buying Tip

Because divan beds are so durable, you might find that your mattress becomes worn long before the base of the bed. In this event you can simply replace the mattress, but you might have trouble finding the exact same material. To prolong the life of your divan bed mattress, buy a mattress cover at the same time you purchase the bed.


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