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Why Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Updated on July 11, 2011

Since 1791 carpet has been found in homes across America. Carpet has evolved from hand woven carpet to stain-free tufted carpet. In all of its years and changes, carpet’s benefits have not been lost but improved. One of the most noticed benefits of carpet is its ability to provide thermal resistance. Carpet helps save energy because it can retain warm air longer. Many people with children prefer carpet for the comfort and protection it gives when a child falls or crawls around. With the many electronic devices, such as television, video games, and music players, it is nice to have carpet to reduce the noise of those devices. Carpet wears well and adds beauty and style to a room also. Carpet has many benefits and taking care of your carpet will help those benefits last for years.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance is very important. Cleaning and maintaining your carpet will not only keep it looking beautiful it will also benefit your health. Many people try to clean their carpets by themselves with carpet cleaning products or store bought carpet cleaning equipment. This can be a hassle and very time consuming. Phoenix carpet cleaning services have the right equipment and products as well as the trained professionals that know how to treat any type or texture of carpet. Knowledge of the things that can damage and take away the benefits of your carpet will help you understand the importance of professional carpet cleaning services.

Most people believe that vacuuming carpets is enough to get the dirt out of the carpet. The truth is that dirt particles can get down into the carpet fibers and spread them apart. Each time the carpet is walked on, the dirt presses into the fibers and cuts them. Getting dirt in your carpet is inevitable, even if you take your shoes off at the door or walk around barefoot in the house. Residue on carpets, such as a spill, is like a magnet for dirt. The residue pulls the dirt from the sock, foot, or slipper, and leaves your carpets dirtier than before.

Grease and oil don’t just make it easier for dirt to stick to and tear the carpet, they leave terrible stains. Store purchased stain removing cleaners may make it hard to see the stain but the residue often stays behind. Many people are not aware of the right carpet cleaner to get that will remove the stain but not harm their carpet. Services forcarpet cleaning have professionals that know what products are best for the different types of stains.

Just as carpet is good at keeping heat in a room, it is also good at keeping odors in the room as well. Cigarette smoke is an example of an odor that sticks to carpet. Many people are allergic to cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke is also harmful to those with respiratory problems. Studies show that the longer the smoke has been on the carpet, the more toxic it is. Professional carpet cleaners help remove the odors in the carpet. It is wise to seek their help if you are moving into a house that smells of cigarette smoke or pet odors.

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to carpet. Urine is acidic and therefore unhealthy for an indoor environment. The color of the carpet will change due to the acid in the urine and will be hard to restore. Fortunately many carpet cleaning services can dye the carpet back to its original color. Another thing to remember about urine is that as it seeps down in to the carpet it is harder to clean and becomes a great growing environment for bacteria. As bacterium grows it produces an unpleasant odor. When dried urine becomes moist again, perhaps from a spill in the same spot, the odor returns and is hard to ignore.

Dust is home to many allergens that are harmful to the human body as well as the carpet. Normal vacuuming will not pick up all the dust from your carpet, and will often release more dust into the air than there was before. The worst kind of dust is contaminated with lead. Lead can be tracked into the home from soil or traces of gas on our shoes. Lead dust can settle into the carpet and re-enter the air by vacuuming or walking through it. If a person breathes in the lead dust it can lead to lead poisoning and have other dangerous effects on the body. Dust mites may also be found in dust and are commonly found in carpet. They feed off dead skin cells from humans and pets. Their waste is a cause of allergies and asthma. In fact 10 percent of the adult population exhibits allergic sensitivity to dust mites. For some people it is the primary cause of their asthma.

Pollen is also found in carpet. As pollen falls to the ground it becomes trapped in the carpet fibers. Carpet can work as a filter by trapping the pollen, but when the carpet becomes full of pollen and dust it can no longer trap or hold any more pollutants. Many pollen types can also stain your carpet. These stains can be very hard to remove. Professional cleaning services remove the trapped pollen pollutants and help remove the pollen stains in your carpet.

Carpets should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Carpet cleaning services offer different cleaning options. Dry carpet cleaning uses special machines to pull out the dirt and pollutants from carpets. These machines use chemical technologies such as polymers to lift and trap the pollutants. Using these polymers, the carpet cleaning machines have no need for water. Steaming carpets, on the other hand, does use water to clean carpets. Professionals who steam carpets have the proper equipment that removes the moisture used to clean the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services use products that are not harmful to the carpet and many offer cleaning solutions that benefit the overall air quality of the room.


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