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Best Automatic Garden Hose Reel Reviews

Updated on September 16, 2015
The Suncast Aquawinder
The Suncast Aquawinder

Remember those days when you had to roll up the garden hose by wrapping that big heavy thing around your shoulder or in a figure eight position on the ground? Maybe you still do.

What a great workout that was, wasn't it? Well, as an avid gardener, I am very glad someone figured out how to make automatic garden hose reels that take care of all that heavy winding for you.

There are many options for hose reels out there, but only a few good ones that I would trust to withstand the test of time and allow the most convenience.

In this review, I cover my top picks for the all-around best hose reels in the budget, mid-range, and high-end ranges.

These are probably the only three hose reels I can feel comfortable recommending as the other ones just didn't live up to price to performance ratio that I use to find the best deals.

Gardena Automatic Wall Mounted Hose Reel

Starting on the high-end side of the spectrum, the Gardena Automatic hose reel maybe on the pricey side.

However, it is definitely a great option if you want a hose that is neat, portable, and able to withstand the test of time.

It doesn't use batteries or electricity to do its auto rewinding, It has an easy-windup mechanism that lets you wind the rose with a quick tug that releases the locking mechanism and allows the hose to effortlessly draw itself back into the container.

The wall mounting bracket it comes with allows you to not only place your hose where it is most comfortable for you, but it also has storage space for you to keep all the extras it comes with.

For that kind of price, they better include some extras, right? at least you wont have to buy any extra nozzles or attachments for tor this model.

If your worried about the hose not being long enough, the 25 meter length of the hose ensures that you will be able to reach even the farthest part of your garden or lawn.

To be completely honest, the only downside of this unit is the higher end price tag, but in the end, you will be getting what you paid for.

The Suncast Aquawinder

The Suncast Aquawinder is more affordable, mid-range solution with a clever mechanism built in to wind the hose up using water pressure.

Watch the video above if you didn't get a chance to check it out.

the aqua mechanism it has does a pretty good job at pulling in and winding a hose that is even heavier than the manufacture recommended weight.

However, if you want the best experience, its better that you don't use a hose that falls within the manufacturers weight suggestions.

Because this auto winder uses a water pressure winding system, it doesn't have as many moving parts allowing it to last all that much longer.

The manufacturers were nice enough to also include two stakes to hold in the hose box, a leader hose and a drain hose for the back, granted it doesn't have all the attachments and accessories as the hose reel above, but should save you a little extra money if you don't already have those hoses lying around somewhere.

The setup is pretty strait forward and you should able to have the hose it comes with or your own hose installed and ready to go pretty quickly.

Some of the drawbacks of this hose reel is that there is no manual way to wind up the hose which can limit your options if you decide to want to use that option one day, I don't know why you would, but some people just enjoy having the option.

Another feature users mentioned that is lacking is the inability to attach a regular hose to the dump hose so the water that is dumped when the hose roles up can be used in other places.

Overall, this is an aesthetic and appealing mid-range solution that can last for a long time if taken good care of.

A Low-Budget Suncast Aquawinder

Here is another good option by Suncast , it uses the type of water powered auto-winding mechanism as the unit above.

The big box storage bin is able to hold the standard 125-feet of hose and can fit just about any size hose you want.

The build quality has been referred to by some users as lacking a bit in quality, but not really affecting the performance of the winding.

I think that is definitely one the areas where the manufacturer may have cut corners just a bit to get the price down so low.

This is actually the first type of hose reel I used when I moved into my first house and it lasted me a good year and a half before I had to throw it away.

and that was only because I didn't wind the hose up the way I was supposed to. I later found out that If you are able to "assist" the hose in getting back into the storage bin, that can definitely add more years to the life of the winding mechanism.

It would also help and reduce strain on the winding mechanism within the hose reel if you got a "No-kink" hose as they are many times more flexible and easier to manage, trust me on this one.

All-in-all, I feel this is a great automatic hose reel if you are on a budget or don't mind taking a bit of extra time to make sure the hose is winding properly when you start to winding it up.

For Those Who Still Prefer The Manual Method

For those of you dont want to move onto the automatic ways of doing things, the easier way than trying to figure out the figure eight technique or hose around your should technique, I found that pulling in from the front while allowing the hose the coil behind you is the easiest way of rolling up a col


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