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The Best Blender For Green Smoothies

Updated on December 8, 2016

Without doubt, green smoothies, or vegetable smoothies, or frozen fruit smoothies have several health benefits. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, deliver a natural source of energy for anyone from children to elders. In fact, consuming green drinks is a great way to increase your daily vegetable intake, and being proactive in the fight against aging and diseases. Plus they are easy and inexpensive to make at home. Of course, if you've the right tool, a professional blender.

The secret behind the smoothest most delicious smoothies you ever tested is a professional blender, besides recipes, ingredients, and others. Whatever the recipe is, or whatever ingredients you put into your drinks, without a blender, perhaps it’s almost impossible to make a great smoothie.

Perhaps with a regular kitchen blender you might have tried to make, and, the output is far away from what you called the best smoothie. As because, simply they are not created for making great smoothies.

My extensive research finally led me to the Vitamix Blender. They not only makes smoothest most delicious smoothies you ever tested, in fact, they can handle almost any task in the kitchen. From nutrition-packed morning smoothies, to an array of soups at lunch, to dinner and desserts, they can handle all. Plus, I love the power of these blenders, it can literally pulverize anything into something you can drink.

Let' check out some of the great features of Vitamix CIA professional series blender.

Images courtesy of Amazon
Images courtesy of Amazon

Why Buy A Vitamix Blender?

The unique features of the Vitamix are:

  • Stainless steel cutting blades that are laser cut, so it can last longer than any normal kitchen blender blade, even can grind ingredients like pepper, coffee beans, etc. into a fine dust, without perspiring.
  • Two 2+ HP motors, these powerful motors help the cutting blades to reach to the speed up to 240 mph.
  • Variable speed controller, you can manually control the speed. So you can make your drinks the way you like.
  • A super durable design, the Vitamix is not just buying a regular blender, it’s an investment and it will last years after years to come.
  • It comes with an instruction DVD, great recipe books full with lot of recipes, but they offer only few ideas that you can make with this blender. And of course with a well laid user manual that is very easy to follow.
  • Plus, comes with a 64 ounce jar, that can process as little as 4 ounce and as much as ½ gallon.
  • And the Vitamix is super easy to clean. Just put a little hot water and a drop of dish soap and push the pulse button for second or two. You’re done. Occasionally you may need to get in the jar with a brush for more through cleaning.
  • The Vitamix professional blender also comes with 7 years warranty that covers the entire machine.

I have used a regular kitchen blender before, but never really researched them. I assumed the blender was just a blender and I just needed to buy one that fits my budget.

How wrong was I? There is more to a great blender that just fits the budget and meets the eyes.

How Does A Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender Makes Best Green Smoothies?

From raw food perspective, you need to understand the Vtamix is not just a typical regular blender that just mix or blend whatever thrown into the pitcher. It does much, much more. With two 2+ HP powerful motors the cutting blades reach the speed of 240 mph that almost the speed of sound. And this is not just for show!

With this insane power and speed these cutting blades hits your spinach, kale, banana, and everything with a powerful force that their cells explodes and instantly releases the dense nutrients and flavors traps inside. And the result, great green drinks, full with all the health benefits.

In fact, comparing to a regular blender, after throwing out a lot of nutrition, cutting the top of strawberries, tossing pineapple cores into the trash, or carefully removing many edible seeds, you probably spend twice as long as every smoothie, from having to chop the ingredients before adding them to the blender, to having to stand there and shake the blender to get things mixed.

But with the Vitamix blender, it’s a breeze to make great green drinks within few minutes. Just throw everything into the pitcher, and switch on the machine and its all get blended up into the smoothest most smoothie you ever tested.

Here Is, Just A Few Ideas That You Can Make With A Vitamix

The Vitamix is so easy, and fun to use, and processes foods so quickly you might be finding that you’ll making healthier eating choices, here is a short list of some of the things you may find yourself creating with this blender.

  • Healthy baby food without all of those additives and preservatives
  • Making incredible pancake mixes
  • Your own dry spice rubs from fresh herbs
  • Grinding your own coffee beans, and even peppercorn
  • Chunky salsas and smooth sauces
  • Making healthy piping hot soups without cooking
  • Turn ice cubes into snow for snow cones in about 3 seconds flat
  • Making great frozen treats, great green drinks
  • Creating your own salad dressings using healthy ingredients
  • Dicing up vegetables for casseroles and other dishes
  • Making perfect pate

And more..


What Others Are Saying?

"It is worth the money, because you know this blender will last forever."

"Why, you say, should I spend this insane amount of money for a blender? My answer: Because it's worth it. There is simply no comparison to other blenders. The Vitamix is the best."

"The Vita-Mix is more than a blender, it is a professional kitchen food prep machine that is endorsed by chef instructors at the Culinary Institute of America."

"Vitamix -- Best kitchen appliance ever!"

Where Can You Buy The Vitamix Professional Series Blender?

You can buy the vitamix professional series blender, in fact the best blender for smoothies, from Amazon. At the moment they include free shipping with it and from what I can tell after comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon do currently have the best deal, especially with the free shipping option.

Click below to view more details about this best blender for green smoothies on Amazon

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