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The Best Rated Electric Pressure Washer For Washing Deck, Concrete, Driveway, Car, Grill, And More

Updated on March 5, 2015

An electric pressure washer is an easy-to-maintain device that is, without doubt, a very useful thing to have at home. They are a very fun to use device for washing cars, motorcycles, deck, concrete, driveway, siding, outdoor grills, etc. These small and powerful electric pressure washers can do almost all the cleaning and washing jobs around the home.

Electric power washers are easy to maintain, and produce much less noise when compared with gas powered power washer. They are best for home use. And above all, when considering the jobs of an electric pressure washer could do compared with the cost of having someone to do these cleaning and washing jobs around the home, without doubt, buying an electric pressure washer would be a good decision for saving some extra money.

There are many electric pressure washers available in the market, but if you’re looking for an electric pressure washer which is good for home use and easy to maintain. In short, the best electric pressure washer for home use. My extensive research and all the really professional very positive reviews finally led me to the AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp electric pressure washer.

All images courtesy of Amazon
All images courtesy of Amazon

What Are The Best Features Of AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer?

Let’s check out the most notable and best features of the AR Blue Clean electric power washer.

Compact design – When you’re looking for an electric pressure washer for home use, the overall design of the unit does really matter. For example, is it easy to move? Is it compact? Or, is it easy to store?

This electric pressure washer is mounted on a two-wheel trolley with handle and hose reel. Moving the whole unit along with the hose, power cord, trigger gun, etc. is super easy, because everything wraps up nice and neat on the unit.

Plus, the unit is compact in size, so they are very easy to store when not in use.

Long hose and long power cord – This is, of course, one of the best features of this unit. It comes with 30 feet power cord and 20 feet pressure hose. So working along with this electric pressure washer is extremely easy. And it will get the job done without any extra effort.

Having a long hose and long power cord is very much beneficial in many circumstances. For example, while washing your car, let the main unit stays at a single place. With the long hose you can wash each corner of your car without any fuss.

Plus, the long 30 feet power cord makes the cleaning and washing jobs around the home super easy. Whether it is washing the titled-patio, or washing couple of windows, whatever the job is, this electric pressure washer does all very well.

1900 PSI, 1.5 GPM – For most of the cleaning and washing jobs around the home 1900 PSI is powerful enough to accomplish them without any hard effort. This electric pressure washer is meant for home use.

GPM stands for gallons per minute. And this electric pressure washer needs a steady and uninterrupted water supply of 1.5 GPM.

Most homeowners find that, for occasional use and light-duty cleaning like washing cars, outdoor grills and garage floors, 1900 PSI, 1.5 GPM is more than enough.

Total stop system – The AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer comes with a total stop system for automatic start/stop. In other words, the power washer is controlled by the trigger gun. So the whole system including the motor of the unit can be controlled by the trigger gun.

Electric Pressure Washer Basics - How Do They Work?

You’ve tried water, soap, scrubbing and scouring, even some nasty chemicals that won’t do what they say. But what you do when it won’t come clean?

Many people now routinely use these powerful electric pressure washers to blast things clean with water jets pressurized at about 100 to 200 times the pressure of the air around us. They’re brilliant on patios, drives, grills, lawn furniture, auto detailing, washing cars, and all kinds of other outside grime. Plus they’re very fun to use and show very dramatic and quick result.

An electric pressure washer uses a pump to pressurize the water from your garden hose to 1000 lbs, or more, then forces it through a spray wand. The result is that pressure energy converted into kinetic energy of motion, and the water exits the nozzle at very high velocity. And it is the kinetic energy of the water molecules hitting the surface that strips away dirt particles.

In simple words, an electric pressure washer is less sophisticated than it sounds. It really just a water pump powered by an electric motor that takes water from normal garden hose, then accelerates the water to high pressure, and the water exists at high speed through a spray wand. You can fit various attachments to the end of the spray wand for cleaning different things.

What Others Are Saying About The AR Blue Clean AR383?

The net is full of rave reviews about this electric pressure washer. In fact, this is the best selling electric pressure washer on Amazon. Most of the users are very satisfied with its performance, reliability, and price. Plus, most of them point out that this company has one of the best customer services that worth to mention. Overall, they found out, with out doubt, it is the best electric pressure washer for washing and cleaning jobs around home.

Here are some of the user comments to date from Amazon:

“This is a great little, lightweight power washer and it is deceiving by its size because it gets the job done and done well.”

"It was simple to set up, has no leaks, did a great job cleaning moldy, moss covered bricks, moldy pressure treated deck, aluminum gutters and vinyl siding. I also like the compact storage feature, but it could use a bit of improvement. The wheels are very handy for moving around. I am very impressed and highly recommend this product."

"The extra psi is perfect for my house siding and patio. Very easy to use and liked the long cord."

"This unit is fantastic, does a real good job of cleaning. I used it to strip the decking. I thought I was going to have to rebuild the deck, but this unit took the scum off and left the wood looking like brand new. Made the house sparkle. Very powerful and easy to use."

Where Can You Buy The AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer?

You can buy the AR Blue Clean AR383 from Amazon. Amazon does currently have the best deal especially with the free two day prime shipping option.

Click below to view more details on Amazon.

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