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The Best Garden Sprinklers For Vegetable Gardens

Updated on May 20, 2009

Not all vegetable garden sprinkers are created equal. Sometimes the old standby really should be replaced when better technology is available. Even if your current sprinkler seems to be functioning just fine according to how it was designed to work, it may be beneficial for the thoughtful gardener to consider a vegetable garden sprinkler that will distribute water more evenly and equally to all intended areas of the garden.

Metal Oscillating Sprinkler
Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

Understanding The Faults Of The Common Garden Sprinkler

Most everyone has owned a metal oscillating sprinkler (pictured right) The problem with this type of sprinkler is the distribution of water during use. The vegetable garden furthest away, but still in the stream of the sprinkler gets the least amount of water, while the parts of the garden closest to the metal oscillating sprinkler gets drenched.

There is no control over which areas get watered, Any area in its path is going to get wet. This makes it difficult when trying to water a garden that is right next to a busy sidewalk or patio.

In order to get all parts of the garden evenly hydrated, the gardener must move the outdoor watering tool around the area at regular intervals taking away from time that could be better spent working on other projects around the yard or spending time with family.

My Favorite, The Best Garden Sprinklers

Noodlehead Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler
Noodlehead Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler

Noodlehead Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler

The Noodlehead is a great all around sprinkler system, but is especially helpful because the gardener can move the sprinkler head tubes to create more or less spray depending on the area intended to be watered.

It takes very little practice to learn how to move the sprinkler head tubes in the direction that will water the areas exactly how much they need. Adjusting is also pretty simple during watering but will hardly be necessary. Also makes it really simple to set it to avoid watering sidewalks, patio areas, etc.

The Noodlehead garden sprinkler hooks to your water hose and sticks in the ground with spikes. It should be placed in the center of the area needing to be watered, but it is not necessary. If placed along the side of the vegetable garden, the "noodles" can all be moved to the intended direction.

Also great for lawn watering and for letting the kids play on hot summer days. Kids can also move the noodles as they wish to go excatly where they want to spray. Changing around the way the noodles spray water, and a good imagination can make for some great outdoor water play.


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    • profile image

      Wavy Davy 7 years ago

      Great idea Sunstreaks, you cutie pie you; this is exactly what we old retired gardeners have been searching for. Now we just need some help remembering to move or shut it off when it's finished.

      Wait a minute; what were we talking about?

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      nice tool. I think it help us for gardening.