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What Is The Best Mechanics Tool Set For New Mechanic?

Updated on September 19, 2015

Buying The Best Mechanics Tool Set For General Uses

Whether you are trying to fix some minor things in your car, lawn mower, or your bike, or repairing some small appliances, or doing some DIY projects around the house, the right set of mechanics tools is a must have.

In fact, sometimes it is impossible to work on, without the help of these most needed tools. Without doubt, a mechanics tool set comes very handy in many situations.

You’ll usually find a wide selection of various tools into a good mechanics tool set that needed for repairing, and maintaining things around home, or work. All the tools nicely organized into a case that makes super easy to find the right tool when you need it and the set is easy to store.

Therefore, a best mechanics tool set can easily fit into your car or truck, and in emergencies they work like a charm.

An ideal general mechanics tool set should have almost 90% of tools that needed for, in most applications, and of course it should be made for 90% of general people, without compromising the quality of the tools, so they hold up to abuses well and will last years after years.

Most of the tool set tends to be a collection of second-rate tools which are sold at discount. But the Crescent 170 piece mechanics tool set is not such a set.

Let’s take a look in detail about the Crescent 170-piece mechanics tool set.

All images courtesy of Amazon
All images courtesy of Amazon

What To Look For When Buying A Mechanics Tool Set?

It didn’t take me long to realize there are few important things to keep in mind when buying a mechanics tool set. These are:

  • Of course, a brilliantly selected assortment of tools that needed for most applications.
  • Are they durable? Will they hold up to abuses well?
  • Are they organized nicely?Therefore, easy to locate the right tool when needed that, of course, saves time.
  • Is it easy to store into small spaces? Can you fit it into your car or truck for sudden emergencies?

A Great Collection Of Mechanics Tools

First off, what makes this Crescent 170-piece mechanics tool set stands out from the crowd? Without doubt it’s collection of tools.

There are not only a wide collection of mechanics tools, but a great selection of tools that are mostly needed for most applications.

From repairing the water pump in your car, to doing some tune up, to repairing some small things into the lawn mower, or even doing some maintenance work into the air conditioner, you will definitely find every tool that needed most into this mechanics tool set.

In most of this type of inexpensive mechanics tool set, however, you sometimes will find no screwdrivers, or adjustable wrench, or pliers.

But this set has almost everything. Perhaps, a hammer could have been a welcoming addition into this set.

The thing you will definitely like most is the 12 point sockets. This is quite hard to find 12 point sockets, usually most sets come with 6 point sockets.

In short, the collection of tools this set has is quite hard to find in this type of inexpensive mechanics tool sets. And the Crescent 170 pieces mechanics tool set is surely a great set to have for home owners, to semi-professional mechanics, to professional mechanics.

Are They Durable?

It’s for sure, whatever the collection of tools a mechanics tool set has, they should be durable, hold up to the abuses well, and last years after years. The Crescent mechanics tool set is, without doubt, a durable set.

Almost every reviewer on Amazon says that the tools are exceptionally well made, nicely designed, and easy to work with.

In fact, after almost 10 years of uses these tools are still performing solid, like the new one. Though some of them say the plastic case that contains these tools is not up to the mark, but only if you are rough on it.


A better organization of the tools can surely make your work more convenient, and save your time to finding the right tool when needed.

In the Crescent set, 170 pieces of tools are nicely organized into a solid, durable, folding plastic case.

For sure, you’ll always find the right tool when you need that most.

Super Easy To Store

If you are living in an apartment, where permanent tool storage is not yet an option, and looking for something that can be stored and transported easily, and has almost every tool that needed for most of the applications, then this Crescent mechanics tool set is worth a look.

This is just perfect for general uses and general applications around the home.

What Others Are Saying?

Here are some raving reviews about this set on Amazon.

"High quality.It comes so handy because you will find everything you need in this toolbox."

"My hubby loved it, and uses it everyday, and he is a mechanic. The tools really lasted, i bought this over a year ago, and they are still going strong."

"I bought this set for my husband for Christmas and I haven't heard any complaints from him. Handles all the small household tasks easily and we always have what we need. I like the case and how it keeps everything organized."

"Outstanding product and product quality. Truth in advertising and then some. The carry case is secure, strong and well made. The tools are of great quality, equal to Craftsman tools. I highly recommend this kit for anyone needing a portable maintenance kit. I use this on my boat and when I go camping."

Where To Buy?

With free shipping, plus no tax, currently, Amazon has the best deal. Click here to visit Amazon to find more details. It’s definitely worth a look.

Do You Own The Crescent Mechanics Tool Set? Or, Are You Planning To Buy?

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