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The Best Way To Clean Marble Tiles

Updated on December 19, 2013

Marble tiles and worktops are a wonderful product and add class and substance to any home. You may have just installed them in your home or workplace, or you may have bought property containing them. If so, now is the time to understand how to care for this product.

They are in a class of their own and appeal to a diverse range of people. Because of the different types available, people with contemporary taste want them, while those who like traditional appeal seek them too. They are beautiful and speak of luxury.

Marble's origin is metamorphic rock, which can be igneous or sedimentary rocks. Millions of years ago they were transformed by heat and pressure other types of rocks. It is one of the best types of metamorphic rock and in reality is limestone that has been re-crystallised. This is why there are amazing colours that can be found with this type of rock. They include violet, yellow, green, purple and grey and are caused by the richness of the silica, oxides, iron, graphite, carbon and other minerals in the stone.

Perhaps one of the most important points to remember is that marble tiles are not as dense as other materials and therefore they will absorb moisture. This, in other words, means that they are porous. However, the good news is that they can be treated with various products such as sealers and this makes them much more resistant to moisture and other liquids, to the extent that they are almost completely non-porous.

The basic types of cleaning that should be done. Dust and wipe with a dry cloth on a daily basis. Cleaning of this nature will remove light soiling or dirt that would otherwise enter the surface. Spills and heavy dirt should be removed immediately. You can wipe with a damp cloth or a good quality squeegee mop head.

However, there is a word of caution here. There are some types of mops that are impregnated with oils and polishes. The idea is that they give the surface on which they are used an immediate polish and should be used on wood, normally. If you purchase a product for your floors or walls, please check first that it does not contain a substance that could be damaging to your property.

The best way forward is to purchase a mop or cleaning cloths that are not impregnated with anything and ideally that are free of polish, cleaners, waxes or oils. The same is true of dusters. They must be perfectly clean and soft, without any kind of abrasive or damaging qualities.

Next, you need to research your cleaners so that you can purchase one for a regular weekly or twice monthly clean. There are many on the market and they must be of a ph which is completely neutral. First of all, dust and wipe with a dry close. Then clean lightly with the cloth or mop soaked in the ph cleaner. After cleaning, dry away the surplus and then clean with a dry and clean cloth. Finally, dry off the surface and give it a sheen with a polishing rag.

The difficulty with this product is that it is a softer stone and so will absorb stains quickly. The worst possible thing to spill is red wine, or anything similar, and you must act immediately to get rid of it – just as you would with a carpet. Remove the residue and then bring out your cleaner and neutral ph solution to remove the staining.

In terms of what to use with bad stains, such as wine, juice or tomatoes, the best product is borax. Use it raw and mix as indicated, or purchase a purpose-manufactured cleaning product for stones and tiles containing borax.

In terms of long-term protection, various products can be applied to beautify your marble tiles whether as flooring or wall coverings, and for the most part they include different types of synthetic substances that are a step above the usual polishes. If you are a traditionalist, then consider using wax and oil. These can give a highly polished effect and safety must be noted on floors, especially if you walk in stocking feet or place rugs on the floor. Remember too to be careful with young children on such shiny and hard floors.


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