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The Best Way to Tackle Cleaning the Garage

Updated on August 14, 2010

There are certain jobs that everyone hates to have to do. One of my least favorite is cleaning the garage. I tend to use my garage as a depot for storing those things that I do not know what to do with. I have a corner that is full of nothing but half-full paint cans and empty or mostly empty oil quarts. There’s the punching bag in one corner which provides the spiders with a wonderful home and the three useless bags of charcoal in the other that will work just great in my gas grill. Why do I still have this stuff? Well, primarily because I don’t spend any time in may garage. Car goes in, I go out. It’s that simple and easy to ignore. Unfortunately, I now have to make room for the wife’s car, which means that it now has to be clean to a standard that is much higher than my own.

The first step is to make the tough choices and throw away everything that you can. I really don’t think that I need the parts for the Firebird that I no longer own. The broken computer is probably not going to fix itself. So, it’s time to let go. Just make sure that you dispose of any potentially toxic items, like the oil quarts, the proper way. Your local waste management center can help. Or, just hire 1-800-GOT TRASH or whomever you’ve got locally to deal with all of it. They cost about a hundred bucks to show up, but deal with all of the toxic or dangerous stuff for you. Not always a bad idea.

Now, if you’re a bug lover like me, it’s time to break out the RAID. A good light spraying in every corner, around every window and door, and a quick shot around the outside should do the trick. Make sure that you leave at least one garage door open so that you do not poison yourself. Give the poison about a half hour to do its job and then it’s back to work.

Break out the broom and get to cleaning. The walls and ceiling may also need a little attention, so start with them and finish with the floor to not have to clean the same area twice. If you find any oil stains on the floor, cover them with non-clumping cat litter. Let it sit for a while and brush into the stain, repeatedly. It will suck the oil up and leave the surface looking great. Once you have the floor looking it’s best, it may be time to think about sealing it to make cleaning it in the future easier. You can also cover it with the many different flooring systems that are available.


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