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The Best Weed Eater – Buying Guide

Updated on November 15, 2016


Best Weed Eaters, can also be referred to as either string trimmers or weed whackers. They are maintenance tools classically used to trim weed and lawn in order to keep the sidewalks and yards in check and free of weeds.

The picture above shows how most weed eaters look like. They have a protracted shaft having the handgrip at one prong and a reel of string at the other. The plastic string rotates fast to trim weeds. The weed eaters are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small for light garden works to large ones for widespread use.

Every lawn care expert knows that a good weed eater is a balanced one. Balanced in the sense that it is easy to start it but at the same time it can be safely used by everyone including the curious 14-year-old. A good weed eater comes especially handy in trimming weeds in places where you wouldn’t normally reach with your lawn mower. Hence the functional use of the elongated shaft. A good one should not damage any of the shrubs or trees you’ve planted in your garden.

Note: weed eaters are known by very many names but this article is restricted to three of the most common ones: weed eater, weed whacker and string strimmer.

Benefits of using Best Weed Eater

There are a number of weed-eater related factors that must be put into consideration before you make your purchase.

  • The best Weed-eater fits perfectly in your preferences as well as the nature of work in your garden.
  • The best Weed eater comes in handy especially if you experience trouble bending over or have back problems.
  • Lastly, the best Weed eater will trim weeds comfortably and you eliminate the hassle of having to do it yourself with your hands.
  • Finding out the nature of weeds in your garden can help you choose the most suitable weed whacker for the job since some weeds are relatively tougher than others.
  • Comfort is a benefit that comes in when you choose the best Weed cutter. You can inspect the handle closely so as to ascertain if you can grip it well.

Which type of Best Weed Eater is most suitable for you?

Once you set out in search of the best Weed eater, it’s crucial to determine the ones that are best suited for your yard or lawn. The wrong choice can easily turn a simple job into an intensive chore that you abhor. Below we look at the three types of Weed eaters so that you can make an informed choice for purchase.

1. Cordless Weed Eater (Cordless String Trimmer):

Cordless string trimmers are also known as battery operated trimmers. These tools are ideal for small yards with weeds of small to moderate sizes. Why would you want to give these ones a shot?

Cordless: As mentioned above, the ‘cordless’ trait is its number one advantage. You certainly don’t want a have cord trailing you, limiting your range of work, getting stuck in weird places or tripping you.

Safer to use: This advantage stems from its cordless attribute as well. There are reported cases of cords being sliced by the trimmers. With cordless, the only things you are going to slice are the grass and weeds… Guaranteed. Cables also pose a risk of electrical accidents.

Storage: you don’t have to worry about storing the cable. The space in your storage room is good enough.

Nothing is 100% efficient, the best cordless weed eater presents with the limitation of power as compared to the gas and electric trimmers. Moreover, they use batteries, meaning you may be forced to always have a backup especially when cutting weeds in a large yard.

2. Electric Weed Eater:

Are you tired of the old-school shears for trimming your hedges? Well, a best electric weed eater should change what has become a back breaking chore to something you can start considering as a hobby. Well don’t get too excited. Just because it is electric doesn’t mean you can now take down that old tree standing at the center of your backyard. It is suited for light jobs which basically includes grass and weed cutting.

A few of its advantages include:

  • Affordability: You can get an electric weed whacker for as little as $20 which is a bargain you do not want to be left out of.
  • Light-weight: Unlike the gas weed eater, the electrical weed eater is light and easy to use thus very convenient for any sort of work you will find out there in your garden.
  • Quiet: Due to the fact that it is less powerful when compared with the gas weed whacker, an advantage arises from this disadvantage in that it is relatively less noisy. Thus you can have a conversation with your friends or neighbors while trimming your yard without having to shout at the top of your voice or wear ear plugs.

The main disadvantages arise from the electric cable. The cable may be too short hence limiting the area you can cover in your yard. This may force you to use an electric extension which is hazardous by itself. The cable may easily get trapped around the tough weeds and poses a health hazard if the cable insulation wears off and there’s water around.

Caution: electric wires and cables should not get wet or come into contact with water.

3. Gas String Trimmer:

This comes at the end of the list after the first two types yet it is the most commonly used weed eater. Gas Weed eaters are the most versatile, most powerful hence ideal for all types of weeds including the thicker weeds and at the same time easy to maneuver around with. Gas weed eaters come in a variety of models based on your needs as a customer.

The models guarantee the most efficient work done of all the three. Because they are most powerful, they make clean cuts and are faster to work with. They are the favourites of professionals in the field of landscaping.

What to Consider Before Buying a Weed Eater

1. Straight or Curved Shaft or Split Shaft Models

The Straight shaft wackers are advised for professionals. They are usually pricey and tend to be long heavy and therefore unmanageable for short persons. The straight nature of the shaft means that it can cut even the most deeply seated bushes. They also have the advantage of being able to have multiple attachments besides being durable.

  • The curved shaft trimmers are lighter than the straight ones. They are basic in design hence easy to manipulate and light and short. These wackers are suitable for simple home tasks. Their curved shaft limits the areas they can reach but also ensure there is no uneven balding of grass.
  • The split shaft models or combination are the ones that allow multiple attachments hence on can be converted in to an edger, cultivator , prunner among many others, at a single button click or knob turn.

2. String Trimmer Heads:

The trimmer head is found in two main varieties: the automatic feed and the bump feed. The fixed head is the kind you have no control over as the string is already ejected for use. The former two however, allow the strings to recline and advance. This mechanism is especially useful than that of the fixed one because not all plants are the same in terms of size, shape, consistency or otherwise.

  • The automatic feed is the one more commonly available of the other two. It gauges the tautness of the string and atuomatically advances some more string from the one wound up on the spool. It is therefore easier to use but delicate to use and ardous to fix.

TIP: Avoid hitting the automatic head on the ground as this voids your warranty.

  • The bump feed is the manual type of adjustable heads. It requires you to hit the head on the ground in order to add more string. It is easier to control this kind of trimmer as long as you do not hit to hard to the point of damaging the head (by cracking the spool or damaging the string).

The spools on the other hand, can either be wound by hand and therefore, self-wound or by machines at the industrial level, pre-wound spools. Pre-wound ones cost you money to purchase them while self-wound ones could jam the feed. The choice of the lesser evil is yours to make.

3. The 2-In-1 Capability (multiple-purposes)

The best wackers and the most expensive ones are usually multi-purpose. This is especially conveninent when working but dents the wallet a bit. The most common attachments that come with them include: pole saws, edgers, power sweepers and cultivators.

These are useful in the task of weeding, clearing and planting. Some of them have shoulder straps to ease the weight of the machine on your shoulders, especially the heavier straight rod types. Another common attachment are the steel blades which can be used for trimming bushes.

TIP: Before buying a wacker, it is important to read the manual for compartible accessories lest you void the warranty.

4. Comfort and Ease to use

Start-up mechanisms that are difficult as well as complications associated with line replacement generally cause bother among most users. It is however, good to note that the best string trimmers can have their lines replaced without using any tools. They also have easy-start springs. Some even have shields that bar debris from spewing over to you.

In order to increase comfort, there are some shoulder straps to reduce the effect of the weight of the tools on your shoulder. The grips are made firmer by improving the quality of the handles and with the intoduction of anti-vibration technology, everyone wants to have a weed wacker for their lawn.

5. Warranty and Guarantee

While looking out for a best string trimmer that works for you, it is crucial to see what guarantee you have as a buyer for defective parts or damaged ones. It is impractical to imagine that a machine with moving parts will not yield to tear and wear from time to time.

You need to ensure you can access a manual (online or in the shipment box), a warranty that is not too short, accesible spare parts and service for your tool within your locality or region.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Low Quality Weed Eater?

A low quality weed trimmer is usually cheap and paradoxically expensive. What this means is that though you will pay less money initially on the merchandise, you may end up paying up to the teeth for the pitfalls it carries along though invisible at first.

Low quality tools generally do not get the job done. They break down frequently and cost a lot on repairs. They aren’t durable and are made of cheap parts meant to give you a hard time finding spares.
‘So I’ll buy another’- Yes, then you’ll buy another and another. The vicious cycle will go on until you set your mind on something that works.

Tips for Choosing the Best Weed Eater

Choice of the best begins with reading widely about the whackers. Once knowledgeable, you should be able to:

  • Come up with the non-compromising characters your trimmer ought to have. This is usually by settling on the type you want be it cordless, gas or electric.
  • The aspect of how much you are willing to spend should follow this. You should have a reasonable budget to work within.
  • List down the companies you trust for your products and find out whether the product they have fits within what you are working at.
  • Read the opinions of users online on the machine you have settled on. They were once buyers just like you. They have an idea on what you need to know. Ensure that they are genuine. Sites like Amazon verify the purchase before opinions are shared in their site.


Every potential buyer would like to know whether he is making a smart purchase and you are no different. It is prudent for you to seek advice from experts just as it is important for your opinion to hold ground. Hook yourself up with the right information and you will find that landing the right best weed trimmer for you will be an easy task.

There are different kinds of these tools tailored for different uses. This is essential information for you because no one wants to waste lots of money on something you will underuse or be unable to use.
You’ve taken the right step already for get best weed eater in reading this. Keep looking and good luck!


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    • RTalloni profile image


      4 years ago from the short journey

      Glad to see this overview of trimmers as my husband just mentioned needing a new one--thanks.


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