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The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaner - Rental Or Purchase?

Updated on July 2, 2013


Cleaning the carpet in your home doesn't usually rank all that highly for fun things to do and it doesn't even rank that well on the necessary evils list - but it should. A large number of people still prefer to go down the rental path instead of buying their own carpet cleaning machine and getting stuck in themselves.

One of the most popular reasons we hear to back up the above statement is that consumers just don't believe they can get the same level of clean from a store bought machine over the ones used by professionals.

In the past this statement had some credence, but not any more thanks to the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaner.

Now we want to allay any fears you might have that this machine can't cut the mustard. The Big Green is the machine used by Lowes and Bissell when they rent machines out to the general public - how's that for a ringing endorsement.

Carpet cleaning choices

So what we've now set out in the above paragraph is your two choices going forward:

1. Rental - you now know that you can rent this machine yourself from Bissell or any large department store in the vicinity which offers carpet cleaner rentals.

2. Purchase - you have the option to buy your very own machine for keeps, five year warranty included which gives added peace of mind.

Which option should you choose?

If we first take the rental option we can look at who this choice would suit best.

Bissell have built a machine that is more powerful than the standard models designed for the domestic scene, which is why these machines are usually used for rental purposes and sold to professional carpet cleaning companies. The fact that Bissell has given everyday consumers the chance to buy this machine is a fantastic step forward for homeowners, but it does come at a price - quite literally - the cost being well above what other bog-standard machines fetch in store.

If you're interested in buying this machine you're going to need to find between $400 and $500. This is not a cheap machine and the price might put some people off purchasing, but in the long run, as with most things in life, you'll get a better deal purchasing with a lump sum payment than paying out rental fees over the same period of time as you would expect the machine to last.

That being said, renting is a popular option, because the hit on your budget is considerably less. If we break down some figures we can start to get a feel for whether or not renting might suit you better.

Facts and figures

Bissell and Lowes both charge around $25 for a 24 hour rental period (checked May 2013). Carpet cleaning experts suggest regular cleaning with a steam vacuum, especially if you have children and or pets. To shampoo and rinse your carpets 4-6 times annually would cost $100-$150, which over 3-5 years would add up to the amount of the purchase price.

Is 4-6 times per year excessive? Many folks only clean their carpets this way once every few YEARS!

The natural filter system

Consider this: the carpet and rug coverings in your home act as natural filters, siphoning out the grime, dirt, dust and dead skin that collects in the air and drops on the floor. Carpets work better than wood flooring in this respect, but they must be kept thoroughly clean.

Maybe your carpets aren't shag pile or deep in nature and as such don't hold as much filth as heavier styles; you may decide to clean only twice or even once a year. Renting would be for you wouldn't it?

Well this full clean is just part of the suggested cleaning rota for carpets. If you have areas in your home of heavy footfall (traffic) you may wish to clean these areas much more often. Some carpet cleaners come with specialist stain removal systems, so you can spot clean as well.

Would it be financially viable to rent a carpet cleaner for all the above occurrences?

As you can see you have to take several factors into account and we've not even gone into detail on possible delivery/collection/late rental fees!

So you recommend buying a machine, right?

Not necessarily, we're just trying to convey the facts in a clear and concise manner. The purchasing option has positives and negatives too.

If you buy a machine like the Bissell Big Green you immediately get a five year warranty and this is important. Carpet cleaners put electronic circuits and hot water in close proximity, so any inherent weaknesses or design flaws will be quickly exacerbated and it's good to know you have repair and replacement cover.

The benefits are really just the opposite of the rental option, namely you have the machine ready for anytime cleaning. So if you create or spot a stain, you can whip the machine out and quickly get rid of it.

If you have guests coming over or a party planned, you can clean at the last minute without worrying about rental availability at the store.

Owning the machine takes away the concern for constant pick up and return, so you don't have to haul the machine into the trunk or back of your vehicle or worry about getting water everywhere - you can get sneaky spills if you don't fully dry carpet cleaners.

If you own a machine yourself you're more likely to use it more often and get to know how it works better. This should make you more efficient at cleaning with it.

Negatives to purchasing

The disadvantages you face with ownership are cost related. You have to find the money for the large purchase in the first place and unlike the rental option, you'll be liable for any breakdown or replacements parts needed in the future and their associated costs.

A warranty for five years sets the Big Green aside, but the standard models only have 1-2 year warranties, unless you can get these extended in store/online.

Your experience

How do you clean your carpets and rugs

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If you still remain unsure about whether to buy or rent the Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner (or any other professional standard model), go over the points in this article and think about how many times you'll use the machine, how large is your house, how much of the floor is covered with carpet or area rugs and do you have young children or pets. Once you've ran these scenarios through your mind, the answer should become clear.

About the author

Grace Barnes is the owner of Bissell ProHeat Review. The site reviews all the Bissell ProHeat 2X carpet cleaners and also offers advice on carpet cleaning in general. Even though the Bissell Big Green sits outside the ProHeat range, it still features many systems from the series and offers a more professional cleaning standard - it also provides the best comparison between renting or buying.


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    • profile image

      Christina 2 years ago

      On occasion my carpets could really use a deep clean. However I am not sure how often I would use a cleaner if I owned one. Since I don't need it too often I think it would be easier to just rent one.

    • profile image

      Caleb Hart 2 years ago

      I agree that everybody should clean their carpets regularly. Nobody likes dirty carpets that are holding onto a bunch of bacteria. Who knows how dirty our carpets really are? This is making me feel pretty self-conscious about my carpets.