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The Bookcase. Love it or Hate it.

Updated on July 17, 2016

Bookcase Style

Bookcases can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for your home. They can also serve many purposes, both functional and fashionable. Beyond being a great way to stay organized and tidy away clutter, you can also make your bookcase a design element of a room. Find out how with the creative tips in this article. From arranging your items in unique ways on your bookcase to the many different styles of bookcase at your fingertips, you will discover many inspiring ideas to create a modern look for your home.

My friend has the best bookcases. They are floor-to-ceiling, painted white, and encompass all the modern reasons for owning a bookcase. Her bookcases relieve clutter in a limited space by providing vertical storage solutions for everything from shoes to books to vases. Varied shelf heights and sizes make perfect places for her belongings. Her bookcases are not only practical, but are also decorative and create a cozy atmosphere. She even has small lights on some of her shelves to create visual interest. This outstanding yet achievable example of stylish storage has inspired me to maximize the use of my shelves. Read on for creative tips that will transform your bookcase to reflect your style.

What To Store!

You can store patterned storage boxes, baskets, books, vases, picture frames, artwork, and knick-knacks. It is handy to have adjustable shelves on your bookcase to accommodate the height and sizes of the objects you will store.

Versatile bookcases

Free-standing bookcases are more versatile than fitted bookcases because they can be moved to different areas of the house or travel with you to a new one. To create a modern atmosphere, choose a sleek bookcase, one with metal legs, or glass shelving. Also, patterned or brightly coloured bookcases can make a bold statement.

Arranging items

Keep in mind the composition by stepping back and looking at the shelves of your bookcase as a whole. Start by placing larger items, then medium, and finally small items on the shelves. Mix old items with new items. You can alternate a vertical stack of books or items with a box, basket, or artwork, or with a stack of horizontal books beneath it. This will create balance and visual interest on your bookcase.

Multi-purpose storage

Bookcases with flexible modular units have drawer inserts that hide clutter. You can even put two units on their side, put seat cushions on top, and then place them in front of a window. This will create a cosy window seat with storage.

Design a focal point

You can keep your home office essentials organized in box shelves on the wall above your desk. To create a more exciting look, put bold coloured wallpaper behind the shelving.

Create a room divider

Separate living and dining spaces with free-standing bookcases. It can create be a decorative solution to creating separate spaces with the added benefit of storage. Also, it is convenient to access items from both sides of the bookcase.

As you can see, bookcases are the perfect way to store, display, and reflect your style in your home. Keep these tips in mind, be creative and give your bookcases, and your home, a new look!


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