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The Charm of a Wooden Farmhouse Table

Updated on November 28, 2010

Many kitchens take on a whole new ambience with the simple addition of a wooden farmhouse table. The rustic qualities of wooden tables hark back to times that were more restful, and seem to invite family and friends to gather at the heart of the home and linger for a while.

These beautiful tables add a sense of solidity to daily living, not only aesthetically but in a practical way as well. Such a table is very strong and will easily stand up to daily use. Apart from being a perfect area to share meals, family members can gather to do crossword puzzles, study and finish homework. It is also big enough to rest a computer on, and there is ample space for art projects.

These tables come in many design variations. Modern homemakers may prefer a style that features deeply set drawers and a carved table top. Tables crafted from rough wooden surfaces give an antique impression and will suit a home that contains rustic furnishings. These are the two basic design points, but the style variations are almost limitless. One very well loved variation is the French farmhouse table, a style that remains a favorite with homemakers all over the world. Part of its charm lies in it being a successful melding of old styles with new designs.

When choosing the perfect farmhouse table, there are a range of stunning items to choose from. Before purchasing one, consider how many people will be using the table. Also take in mind the type of activities you think they will be doing there. If your wife is handy with a sewing machine, you may want a table with ample storage place for cottons and such items. If your son loves painting you may want to choose a table in a dark color, so that his paint splashes are not visible. It may take a little while for you to check and research color, texture and design, however, this time will not be unrewarded. You will learn so much while doing it, and when you find the perfect farmhouse table, you and your family will have a new addition to welcome into your family.

A wooden farmhouse table, with its graceful styling, will soon become the central hub in your home. Kitchens are warm and welcoming and the table you choose can either enhance a kitchen, or detract from it. Hopefully your table will be an inviting area for your family to gather, and one around which many wonderful memories are built.


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