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The Coffee Vending Machine Invention and Its Growing Popularity

Updated on December 14, 2015

The coffee vending machine was first introduced in 1946. A number of different companies take credit for the invention, as numerous machines were introduced at about the same time in various parts of the world. Think Twice Trading, for example, takes credit for introducing the first coin-operated coffee-vending machines in the Philippines.

The Coffee Vending Machine Today
The Coffee Vending Machine Today

Transformations of Machines over the Years

The machines have changed considerably over the years. Machines with bean grinders were introduced in 1960 to offer consumers more options in terms of the type of brews available. More options were added in 1991 when espressos and cappuccinos became available.

Additional Options Available

The additional options are at least partially responsible for the growing popularity. Another reason for the growing popularity is the ability to use credit or debit cards at many machines. The machines have always been popular because they are convenient.

Launching Your Coffee Machine Business

To start this type of business, the first things you need is a coffee grinder, coffee maker and a coffee machine that dispenses safely and accurately. The machines can be rented or purchased outright. Franchise options are also available. It is something like a rent-to-own business that usually requires lower start-up fees.


Location is going to be important when it comes to this type of business. The machines need to be located where there are people that have few, if any, other options for getting their caffeine fix. You probably wouldn’t want to put a machine next to a Starbucks. Airports, office buildings and break rooms at community colleges are good options.


Finding Specialty Coffee Vending Machines

Specialty coffee is increasingly popular. In some countries, vending machines are used for selling cans of various kinds of specialty coffees. These are not the kinds of cans that you take home in order to prepare your own brews. These are cans and glass jars that you drink out of. It seems like it would be better than drinking out of a paper cup.


Celebrities Spreading the Word

This idea may eventually spread throughout the world. Currently the idea is most popular in Japan where celebrities including Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger have done commercials advertising the products.

Buying a Coffee Machine

If you wanted to try to introduce this type of machine to the U.S., you could buy a machine from TSA Vending, Specialty Vending Solutions or Canmax. Many other suppliers offer a standard coffee vending machine. You could try out one of each. No one knows whether or not the cans will ever be a hit in the U.S.


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