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The Color Of The Spring: Colorful Trees

Updated on May 18, 2013

Colorful plants and trees are another thing that keeps me glared on my computer monitor. Once I started browsing on images, this could go on for hours as I get entertained just by looking on how pretty and colorful the trees are.

Then my imagination would take me on country style of living where my home would be surrounded with all kinds of colorful trees. (That is just so peaceful and relaxing.) I always had wished thou that I could have all these trees on where I live at but that would be close to impossible as the area is so limited.

Anyway, here's some trees you might enjoy looking at. I know, they're pretty right?!

Cherry blossom tree.

I'm not sure what specific cherry tree this is but I'm thinking of Kwanzan cherry tree. It would be nice to see two cherry trees (sakura trees) side by side in bloom, one white and one pink.


The Cherry trees .

I remember falling in love with this cherry trees the first time I had seen them on Google. :) I even had spent a great deal of time searching on where I could buy seeds as I would like to grow one. Then I went on reading on which variety to choose from and which one to consider buying and such.

Looking at this cherry blossom trees somehow makes me think of cottons , I don't know why.

The Jacaranda Tree.

I just love the color purple! And I also feel lucky that I got closes to this trees during Spring. Few years ago when we are new to San Diego and had lived in my uncle's place, we (mom, dad, me, and younger brother) would go for a walk on a nearby park with all these Jacaranda trees.

It puts a smile on my face walking on the fallen Jacaranda flowers and the surrounding trees are just beautiful in full bloom.

The pink Dogwood tree in bloom.

Dogwood trees blooms in Spring and are tolerant of drought. (I said I had spent a great deal of time looking for cherry tree seeds, right?!) So I had bought white dogwood seeds instead on Ebay and planted some seeds but hadn't seen any sprouts.) Maybe I should try again this coming Spring season, and have some luck this time.

Yellow Tabebuia Tree.

This tree is also called Caribbean trumpet tree, or Silver Trumpet tree. The showy, yellow trumpet-shaped blooms comes every Spring and has a sweet scent.

There's also pink and purple if you prefer other color aside from yellow.

Flame Tree, or Royal Poinciana Tree.

If you love red color, you would admire the flame tree which is a great Spring bloomer too. I had seen one Flame tree around here where I live and it blooms in full red every Spring.

There's also yellow poinciana which blooms in color yellow. I remember last Spring when I first noticed the yellow poinciana, I asked my mom what are they called and she said, "some kind of flame tree." And they are really beautiful in yellow. The ones I saw are still young trees but already rich in bloom, makes me imagine how showy a big tree would be.

Wisteria flowers in white and purple.
Wisteria flowers in white and purple. | Source

Wisteria .

Another wonderful sight that I wish I have would this beautiful wisterias. The purple drooping flowers looks great, and of course the white ones too.

Wisteria isn't really a tree but by training and staking them, they can grow into a tree. The weeping flowers comes in blue, purple and white. I had read this is an invasive plant but they can be trimmed, cut, or pruned so they won't consume the area.


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