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The Complete Guide To Kill Termites

Updated on October 4, 2016

You spend thousands and millions to build your dream home or perhaps buy it and apart from living in it and cherishing every moment of residence in it, you would also have to constantly stay bothered about something which can utterly destroy your lovey abode. Yes, termite it is!

Termites possess the ability to single handedly ruin your property and turn it into useless trash. The threat from termites should be considered seriously as the damage done by these insects are not so visible during the primary stage of infestation. So you’d rarely know that termites have already started their job of destroying your property! You might require even a year or perhaps more to see visible signs of termite infestation at your house. This is something really difficult to catch at an early stage.

However, regardless of how new or old your house or any other property is, you should be always be prepared with all the preventive strategies to keep termites away from your property or at least you should get yourself educated about how to kill termites and prevent termite infestation.

You should know that not all termites would trespass your property to feed on your stuffs. There are certain type of termites which are well known to infest human property to feed on.

Some of the DIY techniques to kill termites in your house would include these following:

Cardboard Traps:

This is a very easy to implement method of getting rid of termites. Termites are especially attracted towards cellulose which forms the main component of cardboards. You need to wet the cardboards to attract termites to fall victim to the trap. You’ve to place those wet cardboards strategically at places where the infestation is taking place. Now you would have to wait for them to get really crazy about the cardboards. Once the cardboards are infested by the termites, you can safely pick the cardboards and lit those on fire. You might have to repeat this exercise to get rid of termites at your place. This is pretty effective and that too with a bare minimum expense from your side.

Sodium Chloride:

Bring chemistry to life with sodium chloride to get rid of termites from your house. Sodium chloride acts harsh to these termites. Direct contact with this chemical can kill these intrusive creatures. But they’re smart enough to not touch it. So you will require a bait for this to happen. Take some cotton balls and apply sodium chloride to these and place near the infested areas. Again, we are talking cellulose which is a component within these cotton balls. This will attract the termites for sure and when they come in touch with these balls, it becomes the end for the termites. Moreover, this method also ensures prevention of termites from further invasion.

Orange oil:

This is an oil which is extracted from the peels of the orange fruit. This oil has the specialty of not getting dissolved in water and it is very useful in treating unwanted pests like termites too. This oil can prevent many other insects. This oil has to be drilled inside the wood or within the areas where the termites has infested. You can also inject the oil into those infested furniture if you want. To get this oil in action, it would require about a week or so. This also depends upon the nature of termite infestation whether heavy or not as well as the severity of it.

Boric Acid:

This is a chemical which you’ll really want to have while killing termites at your home. Boric acid has the ability to kill termites instantly when they come in direct contact with the chemical. Boric acid for termites does heavy damage to the nervous system of the insects thus killing them. You have to apply boric acid manually may be with the help of a brush or similar thing over the infested areas. Boric acid is equally effective when applied to areas outside of your house like your garden. Boric acid is also effective against other home invading insects like cockroaches too.

Essential Oil:

There are some essential oils available around you which might not have got into your mind but these are very effective in getting rid of insects invading your home. Oils like vetiver oil and clove oil are few of these which are very effective and useful in tackling termites. The best way to use these oils is to put it in a mist sprayer and spray it on the infested areas.


Temperature plays a very significant role in the lives of these insects. They cannot withstand temperature below -20 degrees of Fahrenheit as well as temperature above 120 degrees. You can let any furniture which you suspect to be infested by termites to be exposed under broad sunlight for few days. The heat will dry up all the moisture from the furniture and the termites would die soon. For cooling the furniture you can perhaps use liquid nitrogen to do this.

Termite Bombs:

This is actually a synonym to pesticide fogger. Liquid pesticides are contained within a can under pressure. You have to spray its content on strategic areas. Whenever the termites come under contact to this chemicals which settles after being sprayed. But remember not to use this foggers on woods as the chemicals inside cannot penetrate cellulose. Termite bombs are most effective when sprayed in open infested areas like your garden.


This is a pesticide to kill termites from your house. Such kind of pesticides are especially used by professionals and it is better not to use such harsh chemicals all yourself. These chemicals can even have cause harmful reaction to human if not properly handled. Children and pets should be cautiously taken care of and prevented access to such chemicals. Severe termite infestations are tackled by experts with the help of such chemicals. So it is thus better to leave it to them and call them when you think the infestation level is out of your control.


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