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The Cost Of Housing Is Too Damn High!

Updated on April 18, 2011

All Of Our Porblems Come Down To One Solution: Make Housing Affordable For My Generation


Canadian election fever abounds. We've got Ignatieff, Harper and Layton charismatically tossing their weight around, not only in one language, but two. As entertaining as the antics of the three rams locking their horns may be, I'm often crazed how the most prevailing and damning issue always goes untouched. Any candidate wants the "youth" vote? Here's a hint: The cost of housing is too damn high!

Let's have a look at the concerns in Canada:

Inflation, the value of our dollar is getting too high! Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! We need more and more dollars printed to buy our little shack.

We don't have enough doctors per person. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! Yes, the price of housing is too damn high, even for a doctor. If you're an old person complaining about not getting medical care in Vancouver or Victoria, have a look in the mirror. You think selling your shack for 1 million may have something to do with it?

Student tuitions are too damn high. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! Universities are in the big cities, big cities means big real estate costs, even for a bathroom closet with a few friends. Results are higher tuition. Higher tuition puts higher demand on wages. Expensive housing puts even higher demand on wages. Inflation, inflation, inflation. All because the costs of housing are too damn high!

Jobs are being outsourced. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! People need to demand such high wages just to get a roof over their heads! If housing were lower, maybe India wouldn't be looking so attractive!

Our nation is under populated. People are having fewer kids. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! When you have to live with mommy and daddy, save 80% of your income, all the way until age 30 so you can have a flimsy down payment on a house to put the children in, don't you think that hampers down on the fertility rate?

No problem, let's reign lose the forces of immigration you say, but wait a second, the immigrants are leaving. Why?

Because, you guessed it, the cost of housing is too damn high! Why be a struggling 1st generation immigrant fighting for a one bedroom condo (euphemism for mortgaging a room) at 400K, when you can move down to the USA, get the same crap job, and fight for a house at 100K?

Our small businesses are struggling. Sales are down. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! People are spending 50, 60, and 70% of their incomes on housing. That leaves nothing left to spend on small businesses. So businesses go under, which leads to my next point. . .

Unemployment is up, oh no! Why?

Because the cost of housing is soooooooooooooooo damn high! People spend so much money on houses, nothing left for business. No money invested for business means lower employment.

Savings are non-existent. Our personal consumer debts are huge. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! You can't expect to be saving when your spouse has to use his/her entire income just to pay the mortgage; now can you? And if your kid wakes up sick, well, your day off work will have to be financed by your credit card! Besides, saving is useless. Why save for a down payment when houses appreciate faster than whatever you can possibly save?

People don't have money to retire. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! No really, old greedy granny thought she had a deal on hand robbing her kids blind by raising her price ten fold since the time she bought it, but now she's discovering that condo she wants to downsize into is, adjusted for inflation, more expensive than her house. You can bet she has no savings either, buying patios, fountains, and fancy windows to "protect her equity." Now, she can't sell, because nobody can afford to buy. She has her house priced too damn high!

Child poverty is increasing in Canada. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! Hear the stomach of that kid grawl, you pathetic excuse of a baby boomer investor! Now how about you invest into something useful for society? Like a business? Investing to price your kids right out of shelter, money wisely spent indeed! Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!

Where are the entrepreneurs in Canada? They seem to have disappeared. Why?

Because the cost of housing is too damn high! Why risk your hard earned saved up money on a business? When you can just buy a house, sit on a sofa, and watch the cash flow in! After all, our economical policy revolves around keeping the cost of housing too damn high! No risk, easy money, inflation! Yeehaw!

There are too many lazy people on welfare. There are too many people not wanting to work. Geez, I wonder why?!

Perhaps it's because working doesn't actually buy a house due to the costs being too damn high! Seriously, what incentive is there for this generation to toil away and work other than pride? Why work if you have nothing to show for it? When appreciating house yields far more than a job well done, then we must ask ourselves, exactly how much value is being put in a job well done? Not much at all I would say. In fact, the message is just the opposite, be a grasshopper, not an ant. The grasshopper generation makes the cash sitting in the house, while the ant generation rents from the grasshoper, earning a pittance by servicing the grasshoper.

Domestic violence is up. People are becoming more and more socially isolated. This is costing us a fortune in mental health costs. Our health as a society is declining and this is expensive. Why?

Because your parents never loved you by pricing their houses too damn high! As much as you may want to think they did, it's all plastic and crocodile tears. Appreciating house prices are not real wealth, but a generational money transfer, from young to old. Baby boomers, the generation that literally cannibalizes its own children, and is too naive to see it! Of course that makes you bitter, jaded, confused, frustrated, and maybe a bit crazy. There's no substitute for a healthy person than having a loving parent, and I mean a real loving parent. Not the plastic type you grew up with who simply threw you a widget you didn't need whenever you were not happy, all but to price you literally out of house and home when you became an adult, for the sake of a luxury retirement.

Good health for you and your family also comes from peace of mind. Sometimes, you just need a sanctuary to put your feet down when dealing with a bad day, hence the expression, "home is where the hearth is". . . Unfortunately, for my generation, you would have to be a captain of industry, win the lottery, collect your spouse's life insurance inheritance, or take out a bank loan you know isn't affordable or feasible just to "own" the modest home. . .

-Donovan D. Westhaver

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    • QualityContent profile image


      7 years ago

      LOL, excellent! 1 mil for home in Vancouver now, crazy....


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