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The Cost of Drinking Good Clean Water

Updated on July 20, 2013
Have you ever considered the costs of drinking clean pure water?
Have you ever considered the costs of drinking clean pure water?

Is Purified Water Expensive?

Purified drinking water is a massive industry that rakes in billions of dollars annually around the world. Most people intuitively know that they need to be smart about not spending unnecessary amounts of money on water purification when they can get good clean water for a reasonable better price. But very few people actually understand how water purification consumer costs add up, how to anticipate them and avoid excess costs, and how to know the difference between what seems cheap and what is cheap.

People need to realize how much they spend on bottled water, how much they spend on water purification technologies or will spend so they can determine if they are getting good water for a good price.

The Bottled Water Racquet

The bottled water industry is making a killing selling bottled water to consumers under the guise that it is better, cleaner water than what most Americans can get from their tap. In some countries, bottled water is the safest water to drink. But regardless of whether bottled water is your best choice, it is certainly a costly choice. If you were to live off of bottled water, which many americans do, it would cost about $3670.85 a year for a family of 4 people. This is based on the assumption that the average person will drink 64 oz of water a day and you can buy 35 16 oz bottles of water for $22. Over 10 years, you will spend as much as $36,708.57 on bottled water.

Clearly, if you were to choose to live off of bottled water, it would be the most expensive way to go.

The Costs of Using a Water Purifier

There are many water purifiers that retail for a cheap price and many that retail for a high price. What is important is that you understand the pros and cons of going with a cheaper or more expensive water purifier. To some degree, the cost of the water purifier relates to function, performance, quality, and type of system. In a more general way, cheap water purifiers only carry a one year warranty and will need replacement every one or two years. Below we offer comparison between high priced and low priced water filter systems for these types of water purifiers: whole house water systems, Reverse Osmosis water purifiers, Counter top chlorine water filters, and alkaline ionized water systems.

Sterlight Ultraviolet UV Whole House Water Purifier

Aquasana Rhino Whole House Well Water Filter Systems - NSF Certified & one of the Best Water Purifiers

Costs of Whole House Water Purifiers

The Aquasana Whole House Water Filtration system costs $1099. It is an example of a high cost whole house filtration system. By contrast, the Abundant Flow Water 20" 2 Stage Big Blue Whole House KDF-85 Filtration system retails for $389. But it has an average yearly cost of $458 spread over 10 years because it only comes with a one year warranty. By contrast, the Aquasana Rhino system costs an average of $321.56 yearly over a 10 year span. It carries an industry best 3 year warranty and the filters only need to be replaced every 3 years.

Regardless of whether you go cheap on a water system, or go for a more costly water purifier, they are both significantly cheaper than buying bottled water.

The Cost of Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

Reverse Osmosis systems have a smaller range of price different than some other types of water purifiers. The iSpring 5-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System costs $148 on the front end. It only has a one year warranty and it costs an average of $233.99 a year for a total of $2339.90 over 10 years. The Watts Premier wp-5 Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier costs $239 up front and has an average yearly cost of $147 for a total of $1470 over 10 years. The iSpring system has a one year warranty while the Watts Premier system has a 3 year warranty. This another example of why cheaper is not always better.

Watts 500315 Counter-Top Drinking Water Filter - Great at removing Chlorine

Counter Top Chlorine Water Purifiers

The Crystal Clear KDF Water Purifier costs $149, Over 10 years it costs about $357 because it comes with a 3 year warranty on the cartridge and a 5 year warranty on other parts. By contrast, the Watts Premier Counter Top Chlorine filter costs $44.99 and the expected cost over 10 years is $397.45. It comes with a one year warranty.

Now price isn't everything. You gotta be sure the performance is where you want it, but the bottom line is that the ones that cost more at the beginning tend to cost over the long term. Many of those that cost more at the beginning also have higher quality and higher performance than those that cost less at the beginning and more over time.

Also think about convenience. Cheaper water purifiers require replacement more often as do the filters for those systems. This means more maintenance and more hastle.

Cost of Alkaline Water Purifiers

Alkaline Water Purifiers all cost a lot more than people traditionally expect from a water purifier. They are all high cost on the front end. A good alkaline water system costs $2000. The yearly replacement filter costs about $50. The alkaline water machines are warrantied for 5 years. Over 10 years, an alkaline water purifier costs about $2450 over 10 years for an average of $245 a year over 10 years. This is very much in keeping with the ongoing costs of all other types of water purifiers.

Alkaline water purifiers provide very specific benefits. They offer benefits you cannot get through other types of water purification and that are significantly cheaper than bottled water. Having a big picture of how costs operate over the long term is helpful for understanding the benefits and value of different water purifiers.

Living Water Alkaline Water Ionizer with Patented DDI Technology - On of the best Water Ionizers on the Market

Research Water Purifiers Before Buying

When you are looking to buy a water purifier, don't just buy what is cheapest. Do your research. What costs more at the beginning will probably give you better performance and cost you less over the long term than something that is cheap. Take the time to educate yourself. Feel free to use the many resources we offer.


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