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Adding a Water Feature Brings New Life to The Garden

Updated on October 14, 2015

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You have your home, you have made it into the peaceful place that you come home to after working all day. The sun is low in the sky and you would like to enjoy some time outdoors. Of course the next course of action is to create the back yard oasis of your dreams. You have shrubs, trees and walkways planned or even already in place. Now you find yourself at the point that you really want to add a water feature, because nothing is as soothing as the sound of water gently splashing.

Not sure of which direction to go? This information can provide help for you as you decide on your personal style. While using a style that matches the existing outdoor living area.

First you will want to take a look at what is already in place. If you have a more formal look in your garden, then you might want to compliment that with a more formal water feature. A freestanding garden fountain is now relatively inexpensive and available at local home and garden centers. These have the classic look such as a lion's head pouring out the water into a basin or the Grecian statue pouring out water from an urn. Either of these would compliment a very structured garden. These fountains come in smaller and larger versions to suit the size of your lawn. Searching online is a great resource to see exactly what is available in the style that you desire. Using Google as a starting place will provide you with limitless images to spark your imagination.

For a more eclectic or freestyle garden, then you could create your own bubble style fountain that would match that more casual look. With several large urn style flower pots you can drill small holes to fit the tubing through and have the water recirculate from the rock filled bottom. These types of bubble motors are very inexpensive and can be used in the most compact space. The motor will circulate the water through the tubing and with the rocks at the bottom, it will create the sound of free flowing water. These simple to make fountains also provide you with a sense of accomplishment while you enjoy them for years to come.

Before you spend too much money purchasing larger more elaborate fountains, you can always choose a small recirculating fountain. A hand made small water feature that will add sound to your space will provide a splash of sound that will attract butterflies, dragonflies and birds to your outdoor room. There are many directions and instructions on making a fountain on the web. They can be as simple or as elaborate as your skills allow.

Many types of fountains can be placed on a patio for you to enjoy as you sit out in your backyard in the evening. They happily gurgle without taking up much space. With the water running there is no concern about mosquitoes breeding. That would only be a concern if the water became stagnant.

If you became very ambitious you can even build your own pond with a water pump in the back yard. They now have the prefabricated molded ponds that are simple to install. They come in the shape of your choosing and you simply dig a slight hole deep enough to set the liner inside. Then you are able to layer paving stones around the edge making it fit in with the landscaping plants. Incorporating the fountain or water pump will circulate the water and allow fish to thrive in the small pond.

There are limitless ideas and options now in the garden water feature. The projects can be large or small, and they have a very different look to each option

Adding water to your outdoor living space will give you more reason to enjoy both the sights and sounds on summer evenings and will provide you with the stress reducing and relaxing sound of water. There is not a more relaxing sound in the world than the sound of trickling water.

So take a look at the size of your yard or patio and make a decision as to how you want to incorporate water into your space. Once you make the decision you can get started transforming the garden into the oasis that you dream about, without spending enormous amounts of money.


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    • profile image

      Garden Water Features 

      7 years ago

      Great hub! There are so many different types of water features and so many things you can do with them... I particularly like the water feature in the second photo, it's a very attractive and unique design.


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