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The Different Styles of Writing Desks

Updated on September 22, 2010

These days, desks come in many different shapes and styles, from antique, to classic, to contemporary. When looking to add a piece of stylish and functional furniture to a home, writing desks are a perfect choice, whether they will be used to jot down your next great novel or for the kids to bang out their homework on their new laptop.

With plenty of variety and lots of styles, this kind of furniture is a popular addition to any home. Many homes even have the need for several desks, since some households own several computers and need plenty of writing space for bills and homework. They are functional because they can essentially hold a mini office in a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen corner. Whether a child needs a place to study or a busy mom needs a home office, this is the best solution for everyone. The different shapes, like the kind that fits into a corner or the kind that has storage shelves on top, make it easy to find something that suits anyone’s needs.

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The style possibilities for a desk are endless, too. With every choice from a white writing desk to black, oak, cherry, or any other color, there is an option for every décor. There are antique styles, as well as modern designs. They can be wood, plastic or a combination of materials. They can be intended for daily use, or merely to add a focal point to a room. They provide storage and eye appeal in one step, and there is a design for every personality.

Some desks have roll back lids, others have sleek modern lines, while others still have old fashioned claw feet. Some models are large and heavy, but they also come in models that are light and compact. There are even recumbent setups that have adjustable computer monitor holders and keyboards split in half for comfortable typing, because writing isn’t done exclusively with a pen anymore.

Regardless of each individual’s purpose for this functional classic in furniture, a desk is a great asset to any home. It’s not complicated to find the right fit to your specific needs because there is such a wide range of choices available. Whether you choose a solid piece with an early historic presence or an ergonomic contemporary future classic they are a great way to add a touch of character to most any room.For more great information on all types of writing desks from vintage to contemporary visit Writing Desk Specialist.


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