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The Different Varieties of Animal Skin Rugs

Updated on April 1, 2016

A Cowhide Rug Is A Modern Hit

The Beauty of Animal Skin Rugs
There are all different animal skins to choose from. With these cool new styles and colors it adds a whole new generation of rugs. What is your favorite animal skin rug? Are you contemporary or modern, do you like the rock and roll flare or is your taste more feminine and country. As you read on you will be amazed how far this mid evil century rug has come.

What is the most popular animal skin rug today?
The most popular animal skin rug is the cow hide.
The cowhide skin rug is the most popular sold each year. They are very large rugs and they come in a lot of different sizes and natural colors. The cowhide rug is very popular to dye and make it appear as if it was a different animal. for example a zebra. The cowhide rug will be dried and tanned. They use different colors like simple and delicate feminine pink and light blues. For a women's bed room or nursery. Then they have the metallic and bold colors for the modern home. Then there is the darker more masculine hides. These hides usually catch the eye of the bachelor or the rock and roller.

Is the sheepskin hide a rug or a throw?
The sheepskin hide is both. It can be used as a very soft and snugly blanket. Kids tend to orbit toward the sheepskin throw. It’s fluffy and soft and very warm. It can be used as a top comforter on a bed.
The sheepskin is used as a small rug too. People tend to put it by the foot of their bed or near the bathroom sink. It keeps your toes warm during vulnerable times like waking up in the morning or getting ready for bed.

What other animal skin rugs are there?
There is the reindeer hide rug. This too comes in larger sizes and is used for larger areas of the floor. The reindeer hide rug, like the cowhide rug is a focal point rug. These rugs are made to bring your focal vision to the rug and then all the décor surrounding the rug is there to match the color scheme or the genre. Reindeer hide rugs are very popular around the holidays.
There is also the zebra cowhide rug. It’s a real cowhide died to look like zebra skin. its a trend that is becoming more popular than ever before. Due to the zebra print ruling the fashion world today. Zebra print is very popular today i do not see a zebra cowhide rug being difficult to work with as a focal point.

Cowhides Beauty

The City Style Cowhide Rug

If you are like many individuals, you may love the natural, unique look of cow hide, but you may not feel as though it could be incorporated into the style of your home. After all, if you are like many others, you may envision rustic cabins, ranches and even cowboys when you think about cowhide. The fact is, however, that animal skin rugs actually can be used in homes with a wide range of styles. When you learn more about how this extremely hard-wearing and hypo-allergenic material is used in various interior decorating designs, you may decide that it is actually ideal for your space.

The Elements of Animal skin Rugs
Cow hide is just one of several types of animal skin rugs available for you to consider, and all types of animal skin have unique yet gorgeous properties. The material is durable, and it is able to hold up well to foot traffic. Furthermore, you can find solid hues that include black, white, beige, gray, rust and many others. In addition, you can also find speckles or patterns that incorporate two or more of these common colors. Cowhide may have a relatively short hair length, and the hair may lay flat with a gorgeous sheen. Other hides may have different textures and elements that can be drawn upon to lighten, brighten or enrich your space with amazing results.

The Different Looks for Your Home
When you think about how cow hide or other types of animal skin may be used in your home, you may initially shy away from cowhide rugs because you believe they are too rustic for the style of your home. After all, cowhide may not seem like the most natural choice of materials to use with a contemporary or modern home décor in an urban setting. However, when you select the right material and colors for your home, you can use cow hide rugs as floor coverings, wall hangings or even throws. Consider, for example, how unique a modern living room with largely black and white hues and stark edges would look with the addition of a black and white spotted cowhide rug on the floor.

Whether you are intrigued by the use of cow hide rugsor other types of animal skin rugs for your space, you can easily begin looking at some of the different styles available. The good thing about purchasing these rugs is that you can select the actual rug online that you want to buy, and this gives you complete control over weight of the colors and the shade or tint of the hues. Take time to browse through some of the possibilities today, and you may discover the perfectly creative way to update the look of your home in a stylish, unique way.

Reindeer hide as a beautiful Rug

Incorporating a beautiful Reindeer hide into your home décor might be a new idea but it’s one that you will be glad you decided to use when you see what it has to offer. Whether you want to use it in a bedroom, a living room, or to show off your front entry, it will add a component to your home’s decoration that visitors will not soon forget.

Beloved as a character from our childhood to signify Christmas, these Reindeer hides come from animals that are raised specifically for their meat. Once they have been killed and processed, this also offers a means to minimize any waste. These Reindeer skins are sold to be used as decoration as a one of a kind accessory to a home.

The fabulous melding of these wonderful colors in the reindeer hide create a beautiful natural hue so adding such a piece will incorporate a touch of nature in to your décor and the hide will also compliment any other similar items you might already own.

The natural coloring in reindeer skin will add a unique country touch to the decor of any room in your home. Reindeer skins undergo a special treatment that make the hide on the rug waterproof which means it can be used in almost every area. This means it can actually be used inside or outside of your house. Add it to the front porch, a patio, or sunroom for a little bit of flair. A reindeer rug will make a great conversation piece while offering you a practical accessory too. It offers warmth, softness and comfort when you step on it. Using the reindeer hide as a throw is another possibility. Each is its own size and coloring so your reindeer hide is guaranteed to be an original. Hang the hide on the wall of any room for a special art piece.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind rustic piece to add to your home and would like to try an animal skin a reindeer rug is the perfect investment for your home.

Cow Hide Rugs Are Incredibly Versatile

Cowhide rugs are making a large comeback in fashionable home furnishings. Not only do these rugs contain a rich history but are beautiful to behold. Several individuals are using them as “art decor” to decorate the interior of their homes. Although it may seem strange for some people at first to think about a cow's skin laying on the floor of their living room, they will soon find that there is more to these rugs than initial feelings.

Cowhide rugs are made from preserved cow skin that has been displayed to show the natural beauty of the fur's unique and powerful designs. The unique shape of the rugs offers a center piece for any room that will catch the eye and leave viewers on awe. The best thing about cow skin rugs is the huge amount of versatility they offer. Metallic dyes can be used on the hide in order to create a trendy design for any home interior. Even without the dyes, a cowhide rug can come in many shapes and colors. The variety of natural colors available is astounding. The natural beauty of a cowhide rug is unlike anything else and its ability to pull a room together is beyond magnificent in many ways.

Not only are cowhide rugs both beautiful and unique, they are also durable. They can withstand years of abuse and large boots stomping over their surface. The hardware and workmanship put into making every rug creates a masterpiece that will be gracing the floor for years. These rugs are also hypoallergenic, which means that anyone can purchase one without having to worry about any negative effects coming along with it.

Just like fingerprints, no two cowhides are exactly the same. If someone purchases a cowhide rug, they can rest assured that they are the only ones that owns that rug, there will be no duplicate. Having the opportunity to be the only person that owns a specific design of interior art is an honor unlike any other and a desire for several individuals with a passion for luxurious home design.

Cowhide rugs is an art decor that brings distinguished light into a room. Throughout history, animal hide was only owned by the extremely wealthy and was a sign of their superiority. Although it is still seen as a wealthy symbol, it has made its way into countless homes of many regular people. The historic dignity of the rug, however, will make the room of just a regular person appear to be the room of a mighty king.

The luxuriousness of an authentic cowhide rug will bathe a household with unique beauty and indulge the home with sophistication that will be drunk in through the floorboards.

Use a Sheepskin Rug as a Comforting Baby Wooly

A new baby demands only the best. All the fancy cribs and blankets in the world may not keep your little one comfortable, but the answer to a restful sleep is as close as a sheepskin rug. Whether sleeping peacefully on her back or enjoying a bit of playtime on her tummy, these soft rugs are both a tactile and visual delight.

Warmth and Comfort Naturally Nothing provides baby with warmth like a natural sheepskin rug. Lay it on the floor or line the bassinet with the wooly – it will envelop your baby in comfort and ward off chills. Sheepskin is a natural insulating material, and it absorbs moisture and wicks it away from your child's body as they sleep.Lambskin absorbs the scents of both baby and mum. Drape it over the back of your chair when it's not in use, or swaddle baby while nursing, and soon the lambskin will have the comforting scent of home that helps lull your little one off to sleep.

Healthy Wooly, Healthy Baby Sheepskin rugs don't contain any dyes that could harm your child. Sheepskin rugs processed without chemicals provide a fully natural sleeping option for baby. The moisture-wicking capabilities of sheepskin go further than comfort. Sheepskin supplies natural padding that supplies comfort and prevent sores from your child laying in the same position for several hours when they sleep.Sheepskin bedding is also linked with a lower instance of allergies in children. The natural microbes present in the rug help your little one build up resistance to allergy-triggering organisms as your child grows. Sleeping on a sheepskin rug may give them a healthy sleep now while preventing health problems later.

Decor That Makes Mum and Baby Happy A small rug doesn't take up much room. You can roll it loosely to take with you on holiday, or line a carriage or car seat with the rug to keep baby comfortable on the go. In the home, a sheepskin rug thrown over the back of a chair or laid artfully on the floor doesn't look out of place. It doubles as décor, providing color and texture to your surroundings. Although a pristine white rug is a common choice, you can find natural woolies with a variety of colors or markings that may work better in your décor. Just make sure the coloring is natural and not the result of dyes that could harm baby.

Keeping It Clean ike anything that comes in contact with baby, your sheepskin wooly will need periodic cleaning so it remains a healthy napping spot. You can wash sheepskin in cool water on the gentle cycle, using a wool detergent. Once washed, air dry the rug flat in a shaded location. If your rug seems somewhat flat after drying, light brushing with a pet brush will bring back the softness and comfort of before.

Make a Statement with a Natural Sheepskin Rug

Choosing the right decorative features for various rooms in your home can be a challenge, but you certainly want to take time to make a wise decision. You may be focused on finding features that have the right style for your space and that showcase your personality in some way. They may need to be durable enough to hold up well to your lifestyle, but you also want them to add character to your space. In addition, you may be looking for affordable features that have true value. While there are several decorative options that you may be thinking about right now, you may consider focusing your attention on the many benefits of sheepskin rugs. In fact, natural sheepskin rugs can help you to make the decorative statement you want for your space while also meeting your other interior decorating objectives.

What Sheepskin Says in Your Home
Sheepskin rugs are rather unique as a decorating feature, and you may be hard-pressed to think of friends or family members who have incorporated these design features into their space. Because of this, they can easily give your home a unique decorative element that others lack. More than that, they have a natural charm and a warm softness that you may be drawn to and that you want to add to your home. While you may want your home to have a sense of style and individuality, you may also want it to be comfortable and inviting. With the softness and plush texture of these rugs used as a floor covering or a throw, you are creating a more inviting, hospitable environment.

The Beautiful Versatility of Sheepskin
Because sheepskin is a natural material, there are considerable variations in the different rugs. For example, some have a solid hue that is white, black, beige or other colors. Others have unique markings that can add more individuality or dimension to your space. These different style options are combined with different uses for the rugs for true versatility. For example, some will use these rugs to cover up a bare floor. Tile, hardwood and other similar floor coverings can be cold and hard to walk across, and they can make your space appear harsh and uninviting. They can also be used to define rooms. For example, if you have a large, open floor plan, a rug can be placed on a floor to delineate a sitting area, a dining area or other areas. In addition, these rugs can be used as throws. Some materials, such as leather and faux leather, can be cold to sit on, and sheepskin throws can add a soft, plush, warm texture against your skin.

There is much to love about natural sheepskin rugs for your space. Whether you are on the fence about making this investment or you are ready to search for the right color of rug to use in your home, you can begin exploring the possibilities today. The fact is that these rugs are the perfect way to make a statement in your home, and you will undoubtedly love the addition of the rug in your space as soon as your order arrives.

The Beauty of Cowhide

Reindeer Hide- The Perfect Rug

It takes more than different colors or furniture to make a room look lavish. Like appliances in a kitchen, living and bed rooms in a house must be defined. This can be accomplished by obvious means, such as buying a new set of couch or bed, but it may also be achieved through more subtle ways, such as placing area rugs made of reindeer hide. It is the sense of connection to nature that makes a room with these rugs look natural and cozy.

To create a refuge from the rest of the world, a room should feel more like a great escape. These rugs make a room appear comfortable, but with an edge of softness. Rugs cost a few hundred dollars, but once bought, they need very little maintenance and minimal attention in terms of cleaning. Different types of reindeer rugs can be selected to create warmth in the house depending on your needs and budget.

Rugs made of reindeer skin are probably the best type of area rug that you can purchase if you want a long-lasting decorative item. These rugs are designed to cover hideous flooring or they may be sheltering, intended to occupy a private area of the room. A subtle colored thick reindeer rugs, for example, when placed near a fireplace clearly defines the space while signaling a warm feeling with its texture. Other types of rugs can be used to accent a coffee table, support a tall figurine or rest as a background for a couch set.

Again, reindeer rugs are undoubtedly the expensive types of area rugs for your home, but are probably the most long-lasting one. These rugs are made of material that present an impression of 'forever', while contributing an appearance of nature and age as if the rug has been there for centuries. While the fur tend to be more formal than other materials, the purpose that these rugs serve needn't be formal. The rugs are sturdier if the quality is matching the price and serve well for a traditional looking room, but for a more contemporary look, you can set these rugs like the rest of the carpets with modern elements. Another alternative of these rugs is to use them for decorating the wall. This creates a beautiful spot with the appearance of a natural museum. By adding a few personal touches like these, you can transform spaces into glorious rooms.


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      4 years ago

      Beautiful Hub, I checked out the links very nice merchandise. I think I just became interested in a new Zebra cowhide Rug. They are beautifully crafted. Thank you

    • mactavers profile image


      4 years ago

      Here in Arizona, cow hide is king if you are decorating in a Southwestern style. I enjoyed your Hub.


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