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The Driveway Alarm Takes Security To Another Level

Updated on October 10, 2010

Even living on the outskirts of a Metroplex such as Houston Texas, does not prevent your home and family from falling victim to the workings of common thieves, and vandals today. The crime rates jump as the police forces dwindle from budget cutbacks. Having a home security system is a great help to let you and the authorities know when someone is breaking into your home, but what about when you are home? A heads up from an additional security system like a driveway alarm is a one of the best extra measures you can take to let you and other inhabitants of your home know that someone else is on your property.

Wireless Driveway Alarm

These new wireless driveway alarm systems not only let you know when someone pulls in or walks up your driveway path, but additional wireless sensors can be added to the system to complete an invisible perimeter that can cover the outline of your entire real estate parcel. Not only will it alert you to the fact that someone is near, but some set ups are so advanced, they will actually tell you where the intruder entered your property.

Additionally, you may add an electronic horn or siren speaker outside that will go off when the alarm is tripped, and there are relays to install a switch to make directional exterior floodlights to come on as well. If a criminal wants to get in your house, unfortunately they are not going let much of anything stop them from completing their task. Most thieves depend on opportunity, and ease of entry and escape, and when a strobe light and siren goes off, they will look else where for opportunities that will not land them in jail.

Driveway Alarm Photo

Wireless Driveway Alarm
Wireless Driveway Alarm

Driveway Alert System For Added Home Security

A driveway alert system can also be integrated into some of the high end internal home security systems to create a complete all in one system for your protection.  They are so advance now, that you can even add wireless security cameras to come on when movement is detected, so that you can let the police try and identify the would be intruder. Some systems will even text message your smart phone, or even let you monitor cameras, and detection reporting from iPhone applications.

When it comes right down to it, the police are always going to be there for the aftermath of a crime, and it is up to the home owner to be vigilant and keep their family safe from people who want to take your personal property, or worse yet harm someone in your home.

Wireless Driveway Alarm Video


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