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The Dueling Leaf Blowers

Updated on December 28, 2014

New Eye Glasses

I can see clearly now
I can see clearly now

So Much for High Tech

Electric gizmos help automate life. We can see in the dark. Call our friends on cell phones or land lines. Keep in touch via Internet. Pretty cool, right? Our forefathers didn't have such conveniences.

But sometimes the Tech Age we live in goes a little bit over the top. Namely, the new-fangled invention of Leaf Blowers.OK. Maybe I sound like an old fogey but this is just my two cents.

Seasonal Beauty

Porch With a View
Porch With a View

Enjoying the Quiet View

How many of us living among the trees of Mother Nature have tried to drink a cup of joe on one's porch to savor the beauty of a cool colorful autumn morning only to have our reflective moment interrupted by a sudden streaming electronic roar. The Invasion of the Leaf Blowers has returned. So you decide to go inside and watch The News on TV instead.

This Blows

Can you hear what I hear?  What?
Can you hear what I hear? What?

Am I Missing Something?

Will someone please educate me on the advantage of these machines? Are they really easier to use than a rake? I'm just asking. Please. Someone convince me. Do they do the job faster?

Burning Calories

I'm surprised that during our Go-Green Environmental Age such machinery would be so popular? Plus, wouldn't a rake be much healthier to use then a heavy metal piece of machinery wrapped around your shoulder and waist? What a terrific workout a rake can offer. Plus it would be much quieter.

Cheery Thought

It's even questioned if gasoline powered leaf blowers pose a health risk. Some studies reveal they conjures up unhealthy mold and spores as well as carbon monoxide.

Very Interesting....But Stupid?

One argument is it's cheaper to use a leaf blower then an old fashion rake. Hey, who knows. Maybe the health industry is behind this interesting outlook. Perhaps not. But it is pause for thought.


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