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The Easiest & Most Effective Home Decor Tips

Updated on March 31, 2010

The whole point of decorating and outfitting your home is so that you can feel comfortable in it, and that you and your guests can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of what you have accomplished. Everyone has been to homes that look like they have been readied for a photo shoot in Better Homes And Gardens, and others where the décor doesn’t matter since you can’t see any of the home underneath the piles of dirty laundry.

Of course not all of us can live in a show home and also not all of us want to climb over piles of smelly socks and soiled undies just to get to the other side of the room. There are various basic tips and tricks that you can implement in your own home to maximize the impact and effect of your decorating efforts not only for purely cosmetic reasons but also to make everything in your home more functional and practical. After all, what good is a beautiful home if you’re afraid to sit in the living room because you might crease the cushions?

The heart and hearth of every home is the kitchen, and a well-planned kitchen should allow for efficient cooking, serving and washing. An ideal work area is triangularly shaped, not less than 10 feet and not more than 20 feet. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, decide on how you use your kitchen and on the type of cooking you typically do.

If your remodelling budget is small, think in terms of a facelift. Any of the following can make a huge difference to a tired room: new flooring, a new counter top, new blinds, new cabinet and drawer fronts, new hardware or new lighting. If you plan ahead and remodel conservatively, all the upgrading costs to your kitchen can be recovered upon the sale of your home. Visit showrooms to collect information and prices on available materials before you start.

You should have good, even light in the work area. Consider indirect under-cabinet or spot lighting for a dramatic effect. Overhead fans are hard to keep clean in a kitchen.

This needs to be non-slip and easy to clean. If your walls and cabinets are neutral, consider using a strong colour or pattern on your floor. Ceramic tile, cork, or rubber flooring, are nice alternatives to linoleum.

Consider a neutral decor with bright accents, a black and white theme, use creamy colours instead of a pure white. If your room has lots of natural light, paint the ceiling a dramatic colour. Be sure to use washable wallpaper. You can keep your fridge door free of magnets, coupons, schedules and pictures by hanging a bulletin board in a nearby hallway.

Your window coverings need to be washable. Use “Roman” blinds rather than slatted blinds, as they are much easier to clean. Avoid frilly curtains especially near your stove.

Display your recipe books. Put up open wooden shelves in the eating area. Interesting glass jars or pottery make excellent decorative accents on a countertop.

Continued In: The Easiest & Most Effective Home Decor Tips, Part 2


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