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The Easiest & Most Effective Home Decor Tips, Part 2

Updated on March 31, 2010

Normal kitchen requirements apply to the design of a modern kitchen such as: an efficient triangulated workspace, good natural and overhead lighting, ample storage, and easy to clean countertops and floors. A monochromatic room can be serene and beautiful, particularly if the materials used in the room are high quality.

When decorating or designing your “modern” kitchen why not have some fun with your colour scheme and with the impressively wide variety of materials available today. Choose from granite, marble or synthetic wraparound countertops, appliances that are “built-in” with wood or stainless steel fronts.

For the flooring there is cork tile or sheeting, washable wood laminates, an amazing range of seamless linoleum and of course ceramic tile in every size, colour and texture imaginable.

Consider introducing colored glass, hand painted tiles or an interesting stain color to the natural walnut or oak cabinets. Invest in uniquely designed, adjustable spot or track lighting and good quality, washable window blinds or coverings.

To tie the room together, add a few well-styled countertop appliances, cabinetry hardware, baskets, bowls and books.

If you are planning to decorate your dining room, the biggest decision to make is how formal or informal you want the space. How distinct or visible is it to other areas of your home? Will it suit your lifestyle, your family’ s needs as well as appear welcoming to your dinner guests?

There are endless options available to you when choosing a dining table or a full suite. Do you want the furniture style traditional or contemporary? A sturdy oak, maple, cherry, pine or ash table or suite is an excellent investment, even if you plan to incorporate modern, eclectic or country styled accents into the room. If your chairs and table are mismatched but of good quality, you can create a beautiful room all the same.

For a purely contemporary look, consider a metal or stone table with a glass top. Be sure that your glass top is thick, that it fits its base and doesn't slide, and that glass table's edges are polished and dull.

When you’re decorating aspire to make a statement. There are literally countless different techniques, tips and tricks that you can try to fully express your decorating style.

Some of the suggestions can include: Paint the room a rich colour or add wallpaper or a border to make a huge difference to the dining atmosphere. Add a dimmer switch to your main lighting so that you can adjust it to the mood of the occasion. Collect a variety of tablecloths and candlesticks. Hand stitched vintage cloths, and good quality candle holders are often available and affordable at garage sales, flea markets or consignment shops. To relax a formal dining room, bring in a few plants and an area rug. A buffet is great for storage and for displaying flowers, candles, photographs or collectibles. The space above the buffet is perfect for framed art or a mirror.

If your dining area is visible from your sitting area, light a few candles, preferably fragranced ones: when you are entertaining but not using it for a meal.

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