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The Easiest Way To Build A Shed

Updated on October 11, 2009

Shed Blueprint

Do It Youself Saves Money

   My girlfriend and I were recently looking to have a shed built in the yard, we needed the extra room for storage but since we didn't have a garage this was the perfect idea. I started shopping around the yellow pages trying to find the best prices because we didn't want this to cost an arm or a leg but couldn't find anyone who would do it exactly the way we wanted but for half the price. I was pretty handy when it comes to woodworking but didn't know if this was something I wanted to do,wasn't even quite sure I would have the time. I figured I could probably make time to build the storage shed myself but that it would take quite a while because of my work schedule so I was ready to throw in the towel from the frustration of not being able to find someone within my price range, wasn't even sure if I wanted to do this myself. I started the search online locally but then came across Ryan Henderson Step by Step Shed Plans and wood working course. I figured I could give it a look because I wanted something that was fast and easy but professional as well. When I looked through the pages with my girlfriend we quickly found the exact one we wanted, I had to make 3 trips to the home depot on Cicero in Chicago to get all the supplies I needed but I paid far less than I expected, for all the supplies in total  it was a little under $600, the people that I had looked into hiring to build the shed for me would have charged us $5300 with supplies so I was definitely off to a good start saving that extra cash.  The next step was asking my two brother in-laws for help to complete it the same day. I really didn't want to ask them because we dont get along but surprised when they agreed we got started Saturday morning using the blueprints I had downloaded.

    We all found these prints to be easier to follow than the majority you would find online or in stores, I didn't have to purchase any material I wouldn't need or more than what I would need for the just in case way of thinking. I was kind of skeptical not knowing exactly how it would come out and looking in on my girlfriend from time to time seeing the expression on her face as if we were all going to just mess it up, oh I was breaking a sweat. The plans were easy to follow, and withing four hours time we were nearing completion, I mean the shed was turning out exactly like the blueprint which rarely happens for a lot of people using those other confusing plans. I was even able to add some cabinets near the left wall and it all turned out so perfect that my brother in-laws quickly found a second income building sheds for our neighbors without charging those high prices. I loaned over my Step by Step plans book to them because I felt they could make better use of it I, the book included over 12,000 plans for home improvement,sheds,benches,garages,decks,fireplaces I mean you name it and its there, you would never have to purchase a plan ever again, but its perfect for those interested in starting their own business and pretty handy at woodworking, you have full detail step by step instruction,color illustrations,so much stuff to save money and make money. My girlfriend and I were really impressed because if it was that easy for us to complete she and her friends could have easily completed it, no I take that back because I don't know about her friends but I remember a certain incident with a screw driver when she was trying to put up the baby bassinet. Lets hope she doesn't read this one.


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