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The Modern Electric Fireplace - Cost Efficient, Environmentally Friendly and Elegant Designs

Updated on December 22, 2014
The Modern Electric Fireplace - Elegant Designs, Cost Efficient & Environmentally Friendly
The Modern Electric Fireplace - Elegant Designs, Cost Efficient & Environmentally Friendly

Electric Fireplaces Have Come A Long Way, Baby

Today's electric fireplaces are a far cry better than the electric fireplaces introduced in the '60's and '70's. And with today's financial and environmental concerns, the modern electric fireplace is far more cost efficient and extremely environmentally friendly. Also, today's electric fireplace gives home owners options to add realistic fireplaces with dazzling mantel designs (even with entertainment center designs) to rooms that previously didn't have one, without the hassle and high expense of home alterations to add a gas or wood burning fireplace to the desired area in the home.

Environmental and Safety Concerns - Gas and Wood Burning Fireplaces

Just think, with today's gas and wood burning fireplaces, you have fumes, CO2, smoke, emissions, standing pilot lights, and other various pollutants. You also have potential moisture problems that could lead to mold issues. The biggest hazard in your home with these products, however, is the risk of fire and burn injury. Children are very susceptible to burn injuries with freestanding wood stoves and glass or pull-chain fireplaces. Thousands of injuries, particularly with young children, are reported every year with the use of these products.

With a modern electric fireplace, it costs approximately 3 cents per hour to operate without heat, and about 10 cents per hour to operate with heat (usually a heat blower above the fireplace). It is 100 percent energy efficient, perfect for zone heating and the glass fronts stay cool to the touch. So, no chance for burn injury.

Highly Rated (4 to 4.5 Star) Electric Fireplaces on Amazon.Com

The Modern Electric Fireplace - Eco-Friendly and Saves Money
The Modern Electric Fireplace - Eco-Friendly and Saves Money

Recommended Dealer: Classic Flame Electric Fireplaces

Turn a Blank Wall Into an Elegant Showplace

Got a blank wall you'd like to do something great with, like in your master bedroom, kitchen area, dining room or even RV? As long as you have a standard 120 volt outlet, these modern, elegant electric fireplaces are a great way to liven up a room. Or, do you want to spruce up your current entertainment center/home theatre experience? Modern electric fireplaces are a great way to go about doing this. There are home theatre electric fireplaces, wall mantel electric fireplaces (at varying heights), corner mantel electric fireplaces to fill a naked corner in your home, petit foyer electric fireplaces that offer a smaller, elegant look for a smaller space area, and even electric fireplace inserts (without mantel piece) for existing fireplaces. Again, all cool to the touch, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


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    • profile image

      Oliver Garden 

      3 years ago

      Best for the environment still is to put on an additional pair of socks and a cozy jacket. Also if you like the looks of a fireplace you can just play a video like this on your TV screen:

      There is nothing cheaper and more environment friendly

    • profile image

      John C 

      7 years ago

      Great article!

      This is another new insights I have read.

      Because electric is safer and efficient, much of the products made from it become more convenient, economical, and really have good designs. But gas are still in great use today especially in heating from home to business.

      Other useful info about heating solution for business can be found here -

    • ElectricFireplace profile image


      8 years ago from Florence, AL

      Thank you for pointing out that electric fireplaces can not only save a person money on their energy bills but are also better for the environment and the home. I also completely agree with you that when a person has children in the home a traditional fireplace can be a very dangerous safety hazard. An electric fireplace is such a better option for families and anyone who cares about the environment and wants to save money.


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