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The Farmhouse Table: The Little Black Dress of Home Fashion

Updated on June 7, 2010

It’s generally recognized that the little black dress is a wardrobe classic. When it comes to home décor, the farmhouse table and chairs, sturdy and solid, are a timeless statement of practical simplicity and a classic in it’s own right. Add the right accessories to either and you can display them anywhere in style.

While not as volatile as fashion, home décor has its share of trends. And nothing is more obviously out of place than an expired fad. You probably wouldn’t have orange shag carpet or velvet Elvis painting in your contemporary dining room. While personal style is paramount in almost any aspect of life, there are three important reasons to consider understated classics like the farmhouse table for durable, big ticket home furnishings in the more public rooms of your home.

A farmhouse dining table can allow you to change the style of your décor without looking out of place. It can be equally at home in both classic and modern settings, depending on how the room is accessorized. It won’t compete for attention with an ornate antique candelabrum, or overpower the clean lines of a more simplistic style. You can host a feminine tea for the ladies club in the afternoon and a clean, classic business dinner in the evening. You can add chair cushions in different fabrics and colors for a completely new look with changing seasons or for a refreshing change in your environment. And changing accessories is a lot more affordable than changing furniture.

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Whether you’re inviting the new boss over for dinner, or hosting a casual committee meeting, you want to make a good impression. While your family or best friend might enjoy your quirky 50s basement rumpus room or your biker pub family room, your dining room is one of the more “public” rooms of your home, often the central location for more formal entertaining. You can make or break a first impression, as business or personal contacts are often curious to see how you “really” live. And you can’t go wrong with this simple, classic, tasteful style.

Finally, when it comes time to sell your home, classic simple furnishings can add to the appeal, making it easier for buyers to picture their own furnishings in the space. Sometimes the most beautifully decorated homes scare away buyers because they just can’t picture themselves living there. It’s the same reason why builders use neutral colors and simple furniture lines in model homes.

The dining room table is the hub of family living. Whether enjoying dinner together, working on school or craft projects, or just visiting with friends or neighbors, a strong, sturdy table helps to bring a family together for those quality moments we all crave in the midst of our busy modern lives. Like the little black dress, the farmhouse table never goes out of style.


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