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The Florida Real Estate Exam Review On Video

Updated on August 17, 2012

Florida exam review on video

Everybody asks me, " Do you teach the Florida real estate exam review class on weekends?". They ask me, " Do you teach the Florida real estate exam review class at night?". Everyone wants to take the state exam review class, sometimes called the cram course, but no one seems to have the time to attend class. I understand. I have the solution. Give the people what they want is the secret to success. I think I have the answer.

I have spent thirty years studying the Florida real estate exam. My state exam review class is just exactly what everyone needs to pass the Florida real estate test. The problem is not everyone can attend. If you don't live in Orlando, it is too far.

I have solved the problem. I went down to my classroom and taught this two day Florida real estate exam review class to a video camera. The camera didn't ask any questions. It didn't need a break every hour. It didn't have to eat lunch. We put this class on seven video DVDs. We already have this on audio CDs. It seems like half the people that call Kathy ask for it on video. Here it is. We are selling it for one hundred dollars. We believe that this is the best Florida real estate exam review that you can get anywhere.

We have free videos to help with the math that is on the Florida real estate test. Check it out at . We have had this on You Tube for over a year. We have had over five thousand views. Hundreds of people have called Kathy and told her the nine free videos were a big help with the math on the Florida real estate exam.

One big mistake that many students make is to underestimate the Florida real estate exam. No one tells them how difficult this exam is. There is nothing easy about this test. The pass rate for this exam is fifty per cent for first time takers. Fifty per cent of the people that take this test didn't study enough or studied the wrong stuff. Many students think, because they made a 90% on their real estate school test, that they are ready for the Florida real estate exam given by Pearson Vue. Please don't take any comfort in your good grade at the real estate school. Most schools know exactly what is on their test. The instructor tells you exactly what to study. The real estate school can't know exactly what is on the Florida real estate exam. The questions on the state exam are confidential. Even the best instructors only know what their past students tell them is on the state exam..

If you want to pass the Florida real estate exam the next time you take it, buy my state exam review course on video. It is everything you need to pass. I realize that it is hard to just accept on faith that an instructor knows what he is talking about. I have taken the blind faith requirement out of the equation. If you want to know about the quality of the instructions, go to the above link to You Tube and watch one of the free math videos. Watch all nine of the math video if you are taking your state exam soon. It cost $31.50 to take the state exam whether you pass or fail. It cost nothing to watch my math videos. My user name on You Tube is Climer School . Do the math with me.

After watching the math, if it looks like I know what the Florida real estate exam is about, order my seven disc DVD set or the audio set by calling Kathy at 407 822 3926 or www.climerrealestateschool .


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