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The Florida Roof Cleaning Market Is Full Of Hacks

Updated on March 22, 2011

When I think about Florida roof cleaning I see it as the epicenter of a large and expanding new home services industry.  You see, Florida is where it all got started a few decades ago.  Now there are roof stain removal experts in every state east of the Mississippi River, but the Sunshine State is truly the cradle of modern roof cleaning as we know it.

So why did it all get started down there?  It’s quite simple, actually.  Heat and humidity.  Roof algae thrives in areas where this is warmth and moisture, and no state in the union better typifies these characteristics than Florida.  In fact, talk to any roof cleaning contractor worth his salt in that area and he’ll tell you that the roof stains are typically much more severe in the South.  They’re tougher to remove and it takes a true expert with a few roof cleaning tricks up his sleeve to get the job done right.

That’s why it’s so dismaying to see how many hacks and part-timers are coming out of the woodwork down there.  Maybe they heard that there’s a buck to be made or maybe they just heard that it’s the “next big thing”, but the bottom line is that there are way too many inexperienced roof cleaners in Florida who are out there every day making themselves and your roof less safe.  

Now you might be thinking that roof cleaning is not rocket science and that I’m complaining too much but trust me that you’d change your mind if you saw some of the hatchet jobs that I’ve witnessed over the years.  I’m talking about guys that went up on a roof and blasted away with 3000 PSI of water pressure and blew tiles clean off.  I’m talking about dudes that hopped up on a slippery roof with slick-soled gym shoes and ended up in the emergency room.  I’m talking about guys who used the wrong chemicals and ended up peeling paint off of somebody’s gutters.  You see, there’s a lot that can go wrong with roof cleaning if you’re not well educated and equipped, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff.

So perhaps I’m rambling on a bit but here’s the moral of the story.  If you value your home and if you value good work then please be sure to hire a roof cleaning contractor who uses non-pressure methods, is fully insured, has been in business for more than two weeks, and knows the difference between algae and moss.  If your guy can’t meet all of these qualifications then take my advice and send him down the road.  I don’t care if you live in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville.  There are plenty of good roof cleaning companies in Florida that know how to do it the right way and you’d be wise to hunt them down.


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