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The Garden Booster: Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Updated on December 26, 2010

Did you know that you can boost the structure and look of your yard by simply using coffee grounds in the garden? Yes you can! Not only are coffee grounds a good addition to anyone’s beauty regimen (coffee grounds can be used as a skin exfoliant, hair shine product, skin mask), it also helps enhance a worn-out garden back to its healthy state. You can definitely use coffee grounds as fertilizer, and see the results in no time.

Coffee grounds as a pest control product

Coffee grounds in the garden can also be made useful especially when it comes to repelling certain kinds of pests. Other than enriching your soil and plants with nutrients, you can also use your grounds to deter pests such as snails, slugs, and ants. You can also keep your cat from messing your garden by simply sprinkling a few coffee pieces, especially on your bed of flowers.

Uses for Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds in the garden can be used in several ways. Other than using it on your body, you can also use these organic scraps even after you’ve used them for brewing. So instead of throwing these straight to the trash bin, you might want to go through some of these useful tips, to help you make better use of your old coffee grounds.

  • If you’re growing plants that are able to bloom within an acidic soil condition, then a great addition for this would be to use coffee grounds for plants.
  • Coffee grounds are one of the many other essential ingredients that you can use to create an organic fertilizer. Amongst other organic scraps that you can use are vegetable and fruit peels, old strips of newspaper or cardboard, dried or fallen foliage, grass clippings, and crushed egg shells.
  • Using coffee grounds in the garden is not always restricted to outdoor use. You can also use your old grounds for plants that you may be keeping inside your home or office.

Coffee Grounds as Worm Bedding and Food

If you’re into worm composting, then you can definitely incorporate some coffee grounds into your worms bedding. Whether it’s for your nightcrawlers or red worms bedding, these grounds will always be a good addition (aside from using it as food for your worms). But also remember not to put in too much as the bedding can get too acidic. The skin of composting worms are very sensitive, so you might want to avoid from putting in too much inside the worm composter, as these might burn them.

Where to get your Coffee Grounds

Whether it’s for vermicomposting or gardening use, you can always get some at coffee shops nearby (some even provide it for free). To use coffee grounds in the garden is a practical approach to lessening garbage accumulation in the world, so there would be no reason why your local coffee shops won’t oblige to giving you a few of these.


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