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The Magic of a Gel Fireplace

Updated on January 16, 2015

The Magic of a Gel Fireplace

Imagine a romantic evening curled up in front of the fireplace. Imagine a family gathering—perhaps during the winter holidays or when there’s a big snowstorm outside—cuddling around the warm fire, telling stories and sipping cocoa. Imagine a cold, blustery Autumn night with rain and chill in the air, and you sitting in your easy chair, feet up, reading a book by the fireplace. No matter how you slice it, there is something very warm, cozy and inviting about a fireplace in a home.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have a fireplace. Either your home was not designed for one, or you cannot afford to install one. Maybe you even live in an apartment.

At one time, that would have been that—if you couldn’t find or afford a place with a fireplace, you were fresh out of luck. But times have changed, and thanks to modern technology it is now possible!

Introducing the Gel Fireplace

If you happen to want to have a fireplace but your place cannot afford or it is impractical for you to install a real fireplace because of the environment restrictions; then, have yourself a gel fireplace. A gel fireplace is a technological advancement utilizing gel fuel to produce a very clean fire. In fact, it produces a very clean flame that most people would not need to have a vent or chimney because it does not produce any smoke. A gel fireplace is also not too expensive to install and maintain that anybody who wants to have one can certainly afford to have one.

Lotus gel burner, gel fireplace, kristen hoard

How a Gel Fireplace Works

Now, what is a gel fireplace really?

Before, only people with the proper environment and house equipped with technology for a fireplace can install one. Why? Fireplaces before require the use of wood or coal in order to produce fire, and this produces smoke and ash in which requires a proper environment for safety purposes. But today, no more worries about smoke and ash since there is the alcohol fuel gel technology. A gel fireplace uses only alcohol gel fuel in order to produce flame and no other thing. This fuel gel is usually isopropyl alcohol which has been modified to be more environmentally safe and slow-burning as possible. These gels are mass produced and are available in the market in cans.

This fireplace technology is often referred by many as the safest auxiliary heating source. In fact, it produces a very clean flame and would leave behind no ashes or smoke after you have used it.

People use gel fireplace in place of the original one because of the advantages that it offers. This kind of fireplace is portable. This only means that people who do not stay in one place for a long time can bring it anywhere. Moreover, a gel fireplace can be brought to areas where heat is scarce in order to add more heat to the environment.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Installing your own gel fireplace would not cost much in your savings. Today, the cost of an ordinary gel fireplace runs about a $300.00 only. Also, the cost of the gel fuel that is used to create the actual flame is very low. Recent estimates states that the cost of a gel fuel is approximately $1.00 an hour of flame use. That’s cheaper than a good quality candle.

If you already have a fireplace in your home, it will be even cheaper. All you have to do is to upgrade your fireplace. Many people do this because of the convenience that gel fireplaces can give them. It is environment friendly, safe, and budget friendly when compared to burning wood or coal.

So, who says that only the privileged individuals have the right to own a fireplace? You can have one fireplace if you want too. And this fireplace can be a very safe and budget friendly one. Contact a professional now or do some more research on the Internet in order to convince yourself to buy a fireplace; but if you do, buy a gel fireplace.


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