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The Gentle Hues of tree life dew after a Sun Storm in Late Summer

Updated on May 14, 2016

Many Never Saw The Colors of Hue Leaves and Life

There used to be times when after a later summer storm the life of the worlds was sent to the grounds and not many noticed. Too busy with their plastic lives of running everywhere and fake smiles with pretty gay lives, and straight lives. They never stopped to notice the nature of nurturing senses and growth in the falls of leaves and gentle soundless sun dances. They were so shallow in their judgment of my life that they never even asked, nor here yet these are not my people, nor my origins. I came from worlds of hurt and nature nurtured the broken wings that some thought I had. They had not even asked of the heart just the actions and then the costs of life to shed in flesh the arrows and sparrows with submissive dances.

None had seen that animals dance to their life's tubes and the mortal tones of life are the projections of the thoughts that others had learned in their worlds. I would have bent back time for all of you yet we deserve the torment now of everlasting nothingness for surely there world and they are not even in the speaking kind now. So shamed is their heart in their heart's mind that they can lay down the thrones of time to settle like the natures they were. No harm for there is no there anymore and no way to get there, I damned us all for time being and it is a curse that only a reined man could curse love to, chaos again and I am not in my house, yet was given the chariot with no riders so I am in my worlds mind.

Gentle trees and the parent to the beings that dare shed their lies and waste like trash on it's being, yet like I I just watch and hold meetings in the forests that are left in the in the city. You have in your life been the beings that you are, I was nurture in nature without nurture in my life and that is nature bestowed about my life, yet the lives of the dead made real have their own beings in creation, they lay nothing down now. No energy for life to light to life and light again. They had used my life to hurt a creation story and I had spoke of deconstructing religion with the one that would be sitting on a round.

Let the judges judge with no water. I am sure that the atmosphere would be a death march to nothing. It would be the same as waking up and remembering a worlds journey and then longing for eggs as a bird that were lost, thinking you lived a life of feathers and then be in mourning for the dew of the early morning lights. I had seen them, the squirrels they want what the others have or just to be a sight of what they are eating, just playing. You had in my mother's single being in my heart shamed the fathers in my being and some knew not of the dual lens and single lens, you shamed the dual nature of the planet in my life. You shamed the creator of before land and dirt on the planet. I do not mean the one writing. So vile were some hearts that they needed shelter anyways.

To listen to women's music like the sirens of the death they poisoned my heart with is what daughters do to their fathers sometimes in their passing, for some never can be their father's legacy in the walk they can not be. They so damned my world that their fathers in their hearts would have to wake and gentle their hearts now, for their were many that never minded the dirt nor the hardship of women. I had already walked my mother's lives and my father's love through the centuries and you dare to love my heart as a coveted toy, you shame the points in time that we all met in all worlds. That the diamonds are not my connected dots, for they live the core of the same, yet they have their own worlds of life to battle down that chord. It has been done like that in some worlds and then circle round and see your beliefs as shallow in the Universal understanding of all are entitled to beliefs and to their own hearts search and desire, even if they pass through the planet and are nature's gift in returning home to life and chemistry in the dirt.

The game they played was not of the kind my heart sings, they would be nothing without the parent, just pre-thought conceptions. Go back to that time of you hate my heart and judged and damned my life so you may learn the lessons of love all over again. You have your circle and they could not even have known, had one cursed my life out of being, they would have changed the core of life and themselves. They were such as magic is only ion my heart now, forbidden for all to use as you need a heart freely given to the muses and mine is off the table as nitrogen lifts nature's hues to the forefront of sighted beings.

Not many noticed the smell of hot moisture rising from the cement after a summer storm, the smell of dirt lifting to the nose. Many ignored the birds that ran to shelter or the trees that hold their leaves late in a cold spell. Some had in many not knowing that it was about being and I was damned for ever step in my life. Damned as a boy for being, then damned as a man for being a child yet as a child an adult I was, for punished in all acts. I cried and was sent to the quiet room, horse play got time outs, running punishment bench, and then withheld from my family. Animals would know, for they have not always any ideas of their parentage in fathers. Some longed to find this mythical father as a cat or as a mammal, or any life in sea. I would sing the songs of mammals and sea life for trees too have seeds to bare. Falling from some heights to be mowed down in the grasses.

You have not neither my love nor my heart. You knew not and yet you damned a heart from another worlds and it is like the cats used to try and nurse in my long hair in bed, they were just acting like they remembered caring parents. The dogs slept by my belly under the covers, I sheltered others in my arms and then was their conduit for my hurt and them to feel their own feelings, yet blame me for their feelings.

Had the harpies and the sprytes been so mused that they cursed a life of fairies and then not even woodland elves would be in the may king, had all the roofs been lifted to the Magic kingdom of the greater meaning of the garden? Time would an island make in the dusts of whirlwinds looking for connected fusion of life, and all the lights carried the life to inert matter, had that Magic been lost and they cursed for my life to be in light of the steps of creation and damned for the loves I lived and devils I made free from the curse of my love. I was their greatest treasures, and them mine for them to be as they are and I the way I was was our natures and to now long for nothing that dreams are destroyed by love. They deserve the Everlasting and Nature will nurture life again even in the depths of their hell.

All of creation would strike a blow at the ones responsible and know this I prayed my family destroyed first to make heaven ready for the lost. I guess i will sit alone again. As was my watchers role, loveless and lost, heart and spirited, with no shame, guilt nor remorse for creations. It was that there was no reason, all in life or some lust and then instinct to thoughts and action to reflex as nature would call many a sailor or vessel to be in unions, yet in thinking the nature was to muse the loves of choices and they so hated that for my heart. I would not them family call. They need not my heart anymore for they got what was coveted, my gone.

The hands that know rein would gallop like the horse of hearts heard only with cared ears and that all was of nature is the saddening Grace of creation as well, that forgiveness is in creation yet offered is the song that only a Father knows for seeds fall on the hard wood floors and the watched places, and the womb of a Mother potential or the places that sapiens know. Or why would they have made poetry of the histories once in my worlds. You have your other mind set and someone cursed a heart to a meaning and judgment, save that for your Gods. I am not in the mindset to be your sounding board nor the tool for the other side, you have such that I am in keep with all creations. You would see the Heavens rein down in chaos in creations, I would you agree and then it would be that all creation in the known is what we are now, for a time being.

You have your own diamonds to transverse, some are so locked in their mindset that the fall will be hard when the other houses aren't their supporting you in the totality of belief, I would land like a feather, with the arms of the dead as weighted cushions falling for they are in my beliefs. The meaning of that is that if you only believe in your truth, what are the one truths all around you doing when they believe in you or themselves only, then they know their plots. I believed in so much that the houses of all caught my heart in all them. I would not fall this time, it is a web now, surrounded by the one that belief in them all yet not many in my heart. Speak of your own heart now, my has spoken. I would be one of the trees that helps you land or the pantheon of belief reaching so you do not land to hard on the floor,yet they took that from my heart and now I watch them get hurt and just watch. My arms were meant to hold you any of you. You all had warnings, and I think you are the cause of your own feelings now. I am not. You feel your pain the way you learned it, in lies and not life of the education you never learned to pay attention to.

Such is the way, some never see the beauty and I never saw the ugliness for they were beauty as well. Without them, their is the righteousness of innocence and the destruction of some worlds of nature, has not one seen the prey and the hunter in nature. Know this I it in hunter's blind as them both. It is that pray a lot is not just for the spirit, pray that you think at all.

Such is the doormat, and the lawn man, the tree trimmer, the bee, the cat, the worm, the dolphin, the shadows of humanity, the flowers, the tree for their is often one one tree in innocence, the differences, duality in the fourplex, the thinking mind, the longing to read and educated, the religions of worlds, and such is developing a mind of a people to open the heart more than the judge law. Many a law was to capitalize on the minds and slaves of lust once, would that then slave the wants of slaves to choices or have a choice to judge? Pick your poison, for once twice two did and that was art my lovely Lady of Lakes. Such is your broken heart that you may never feel your heart again in the lands of your once noble people, such now disgraced.

Be wise that I was a healer in my worlds, and they damned the hands of the healer in some circles for lamed hands often are on the lamed. I do not pray for them anymore, nor does resurrecting their ways favor any health. They are their own works of art now and they are Dorian Grey, all themselves. I would have known yet I was once too and then twice around many times my belief I would always land in my heart and that was of most all creation in chaos.


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